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  1. Gotta admit, Harnish has looked better than previous games. At least he threw a nice td pass.
  2. Yea, I'd give a day's pay (at least a couple of hours) to watch him play with our 1st string O. As Andrew has said, Reggie makes a qb look good. It's hard to evaluate him playing with guys who will be resuming their pizza delivery jobs soon.
  3. Anyone who says they aren't too fond of Harnish's personality speaks volumes about themselves. He is "Mr. Personality " I do know Chandler has "his own" bedroom at Andrew's condo downtown. And yes, he is close with Chandler who rooms with him at away games.
  4. What if he were to say: I'm gonna take my marbles and go home? I guess an owner has the right to say that. Right?
  5. Keep in mind we have never seen Harnish play except with receivers and an O line that would soon be returning home to resume their pizza delivery jobs. Wish we could see him play with starters for a better analysis.
  6. I think you would find the players preferring Pagano 3 to 1. Just keeping my ears to the ground.
  7. I would have enjoyed seeing Harnish behind center today!
  8. Watched a half hour documentary on OBAMACARE and I'm still shaking in my shoes! Something a little milder like the Chainsaw massacre is more my style.
  9. Actually I thought we might bring back wr Nathan Palmer. Heard He's with Miami now.
  10. We've heard a lot of good about him at camp this year. Personally I would like to see him in a game situation with a first or second string offense rather than with guys who will likely be resuming their pizza delivery jobs in a few weeks, could make a huge difference.
  11. Look at the video again. I was told that Pam crowded his receiver and he stepped back just as the throw was released. It looks like the receiver is glued to Pam's back side. Kudos to Chandler for taking responsibility for it though. Classy guy!
  12. I predict 2nd and 3rd string receivers will catch more passes, and ball runners will run more yards!
  13. The wonderlic is a measure of how quickly a player can think, as all 50 questions must be answered in 12 MINUTES! Given enough time we all could come up with the answers and score high. You have to be preform quickly and accurately to score high. Much more than an IQ test.
  14. Exactly. In my profession there is no applicable college degree out there, however my employer requires a degree, in anything. He says a degree proves you are willing and capable of learning what he wants to teach you. And he has a point.
  15. Hey guys, Your trying to read too much into my post. I simply stated "we have smart quarterbacks!" No more and no less. Let's just smile and go on.
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