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  1. BeyWatch, too bad the before picture wasn't real...it would be so much funnier..
  2. Heres the link if you're interested. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000149233/article/jarvis-jones-reportedly-receives-good-medical-report
  3. Yeah he got cleared a week or two ago. Supposedly he never had spinal stenosis and it was a misdiagnosis according to a "leading orthopedist."
  4. Any player can have his career ended on any given play. Every prospect isn't perfect..they're going to have some baggage. With that being said though, if Jarvis Jones falls to us..we sure as hell better pick him. The reward is MUCH greater than the risk. As was evident when USC wouldn't play him and he ended up transferring to Georgia to become an All American LB.
  5. Well this wasn't really a surprise (especially since he ran his 40 outside with 30-40 degree weather w/ wind). Jarvis Jones isn't a freak athlete by any stretch of the imagination, but I still doubt he'll fall to 24. If you watched Georiga's pro day, Jarvis was actually pretty solid in position and movement drills. Plus, the 40 yard dash is overrated (last time I checked..football players aren't running in a straight line without any pads..in ideal conditions...with no one trying to tackle them..etc). Also, a 40 yd dash doesn't show game speed necessarily, and if you watch Jones..he's definite
  6. I got a feeling it'll be Jennings
  7. If Lebron was in the NFL... ....We would be watching "The Decision" tonight and come to find out that he would leave the Cleveland Browns and take his talents to South Beach and join the Miami Dolphins where he'd join up with Mike Wallace and Ryan Tannehill to form the big 3.
  8. Nnamdi is past his prime. Sure I'd be okay signing him for the "right price," but I honestly think Nnamdi will ask for that big paycheck
  9. Rather the Browns overpay Kruger then us...plus it gives us more money to spend on the o-line
  10. I believe it was more the Broncos D then it was Caldwell's play calling. Despite that though, Caldwell's play calling was very predictable. First down=run, first-down=run, etc
  11. Sign: Conner Barwin Draft: Barrett Jones or Xavier Rhodes, I would be happy with either
  12. Tough choice. Besides Luck, I have to say Coby Fleener, Allen is right behind though.
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