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  1. It took Mack a year to learn runners patience from Gore, this kid seems to have it already.
  2. Didn’t hear a lot of talk about Nelson lined up as a full back. Has it happened before today. He would be amazing of course but I really thought he was a target on the TD to Ebron.
  3. I like a lot of the current team. I'm rooting for this team this year. Not looking to suck our way to the top. Just need a healthy Luck and better coaching, Just win baby!
  4. Can't take too much away from Butler, at least when he's in the game he can wrap a guy up.
  5. Brissett til Luck and maybe beyond.
  6. Not a big fan of Moncrief but he's head and shoulders above Dorsett. That guy has made 2 maybe 3 plays in a Colts jersey. Size and speed mean nothing if you don't use them.
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