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  1. There is no "make or break" signing here though. The Bronco's signing of Peyton last year was arguably "make or break" because of the high cost, the risk, but the potential for high reward. High risk, high reward, and as John Elway said at the time- "there is no Plan B." It worked out for him and he was a GM of the year candidate, but what if Peyton couldn't play? In contrast, look at what Grigson is doing this year. He is essentially acting like a fund manager and signing LOTS of guys with moderate risk but with upside. Because we are signing so many mid-level deals the risk is spread
  2. Pretty sure he nailed it last year when he went out on a limb and said we'd take Luck. Other than that, I don't think he has been very good at guessing our picks.
  3. I wonder if roster moves are going to trickle in over the next few days, or if they will instead make multiple moves before announcing them.
  4. I don't have a list of all the draft picks from this year that have been cut, but Buffalo, Dallas, and Seattle each cut a fifth round pick. (Numbers 147, 152, and 154). I believe that these are the highest 2012 picks that have been cut. Of course this could change as teams swap guys in and out of rosters this weekend.
  5. The Ravens have cut Curtis Painter.
  6. While we all excitedly wait to see what players we can bring in using our waiver wire status, the names of players being cut are rolling in from around the the league. How many guys with lifelong dreams of playing football will see those dreams dashed away today? For some of them, future chances to shine still await in the form of positions on practice squads. For others, this will be the end of a dream that they have worked for since they were children. I'd like to send out my well wishes to all those players. Good luck in whatever your future endeavors may be.
  7. I think they should save it in case an important starter goes out in the first few weeks.
  8. Only because Peyton's sponsorship deal required us to use Gatorade for all of our hazing and now it is tradition.
  9. I'm sure that the fact they play the Vikings, Raiders, Dolphins, and what looks to be a very dysfunctional Jets team this year probably helps boost their predicted W/L total. Add in that most analysts likely predict them to split with both us and TN and that is already 6 wins.
  10. Beating the Bears would be sweet. Not just because most don't expect us to, but also because I can rub it in my brother's Bear-lovin' face. After all, isn't that what makes sports truly grand?
  11. While I agree that it is unlikely to find a good player that is being waived, it wouldn't necessarily take a good player to be an upgrade at some of the thinner positions on our roster. Our starting RT is a guy we essentially picked up from Philly for a bag of peanuts. Even castoffs could be an upgrade for our team at some positions.
  12. Hopefully, he will be able to come out next year and impress like he has in this preseason.
  13. I wish him the best of luck. I want him to accomplish his dreams of excelling at the sport he loves, but I don't want to see him sustain further injury. If this is what he wants, and the doctors have cleared him, all I can say is go get them Austin.
  14. Assuming it is still the same as it was last year when we were dealing with Peyton's injuries, we can remove Chapman from the PUP right up until final cutdown day. If he is still on it after that he has to sit six weeks before he can be activated.
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