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  1. That was simply another example that shows that one doesn't have to be too football savvy to be on an NFL coaching staff. Hopefully, play calling responsibilities that been taken away by now. Nice job putting the defense in a hole, giving the Patriots a free TD, making your offense play catch up and probably helping to drop us to a 1 game lead in the division. All in one play. Way to outsmart them.
  2. The great thing about this season is not just seeing the Texans lose, but doing it when the expectations were so high.
  3. Miami will win. I'm pulling them. We are going to win the AFC South, and I'm hoping that the Dolphins get one of the wild card spots and the Chiefs get the other.
  4. Colts win, Texans lose. Great day!
  5. Let's hope for a Colts win and a Texans loss. Followed by a Texans loss to the 49ers.
  6. They were capable of beating the Colts twice last year, and the year before that. But they didn't do it. If I had to get one side or the other, I'd say that the Colts would win twice this season.
  7. Interesting, I think that could win their division actually.
  8. Sunday night! That's better. Definitely looking forward to it.
  9. 1. Texans (2 games) 2. Broncos 3. Titans 4. 49ers 5. Seahawks
  10. I also believe that we will be 3-1 after the first 4 weeks of season, and will likely win the division.
  11. Being out of football made an impression on him. He will be fine, and will do well.
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