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  1. Dont think he is fat, hell look at the pic, he is to bulked up. Which probably explains his lack burst and makes him stiff, which hurts his cutting, wiggle through holes, and vision because he cant do what he thinks he sees he needs to. Which forces him to hit the whole as directed. He has the ability to turn it all around, but he has to start over with everything he knows about being a rb. Going to be darn near impossible.
  2. If he ever did anything at Bama it was catch dump offs and pass block. He is known for a wide base which is great for taking one hit when you dont really see it coming. But its not so great for getting through holes. Its not so great for bursting through seams and cracks.
  3. And with their first pick in the 2015 NFL draft. The Colts select safety Landon Collins from the University of Alabama.
  4. Truth is, he will never win. He will never live up to where he was picked. For that he will always be a bust no matter how much he were to ever turn it around. Coming into his third season and he is being treated like he should be producing on a Lynch or AP level. He was drafted by a % organization as the third pick. About 29 to high. We needed a rb mid season and the only way you are getting a player no matter how good or bad that was drafted that high is to give up a first rounder. The only team dumb enough to even give him up was Cleveland. He cares to much about working out and ge
  5. I dont think Bradshaw out shined TR in every way. He dropped a pass, didnt get out of bounds when he should have, and missed a blitz pick up that lead to a sack. 2 of TR's positive plays were negated due to penalties. Not taking away from Bradshaw's positive plays but he made some mistakes just like the rest.
  6. Coaching is just not good. So predictable.
  7. Bradshaw terrible pickup of a blitz. TR makes that play.
  8. Perception is the key in football. Guy pops a seven yard run, he is worth eyes by the defense just by keeping him in there. OC has no feel for the flow of a game. Obvious by so many come backs.
  9. Trent makes a good run then we go no back?
  10. Seen worse, defense needs to get off the field.
  11. Robert Lester, can play either safety, nack for the ball, cheap, young and played for a good D with the Panthers and with Alabama.
  12. All you have to do is run a zone stretch every know and then. Let him read and one cut like he knows how to do. Dont mold a a bulldog into a great dane.
  13. 10 more yards given up by the average of all 32 teams. And 2 less points. So an average defense.
  14. Pass rusher wont fix %. there is no where for him to play anyway. If you want to pass rush, then its an obvious passing down. Then you are almost always in nickel or maybe even dime. That means no sam and another corner, dime= no will and another safety. Every qb in this league will check out of a play if he has a rb behind him to a run play, if you line up 2 dedicated pass rushers on a 3 down lineman front. The 3 tech and/or the 5 tech need to be able to eat up 2 blockers for whoever might be blitzing to get to the qb. Your jack is just not going to be able to get there as often as a 4-3 en
  15. The 3-4 is designed to defend the pass. In my years of watching this scheme I notice one thing. Even when executed with great talent, it is not infallible. In fact I have nicknamed it the dont bend- break defense. Because most of the time an offense gets nothing and goes 3 and out. But a handful of plays a game are big plays. A play is called everybody lines up, QB likes what he sees, bam stuffed. Next play, everybody lines up, qb dont like it changes the play, d changes as well. Bam stuffed. But every now and then the d calls a play and the O has the right play called or a player makes a
  16. Which is 89 carries per fumble, AP has 65 carries per fumble.
  17. Trent is not a power back, he is a one cut zone back that is hard to tackle. Where he learned how to be a running back ran and still does run a zone scheme, The Browns ran a power scheme last year and made the switch to zone this year. Just like the Ravens. Who tried to take a power back in Ray Rice and turn him into a zone back. We see how that turned out. You want to run a zone scheme your gonna have to build an OL to do so. It is correct that running back is pretty easy to pick up but it is hard to change instinct. He doesnt hit the whole like a mad man because he was taught not to. He
  18. Menzie, who went to the chiefs this year, was the starter over Milliner but was hurt to start 2010. So Milliner was one of very few to start for Bama as a freshman. He played a ton that year and even with a healthy Menzie in 11' they switched out a lot of drives and when in nickel (prob 60+ % of the time) Menzie went to the inside and Milliner was the outside guy. Great tackler, really good in coverage. Gonna be a good one.
  19. Even me being a Bama fan I would not hesitate to get Jarvis Jones. At jack lb he is as good as Upshaw. You can never have enough LB's with a 3-4, esp one that can play 2-3 of the lb spots. We have a long way to go until then though. and most of these guys are jrs and may not even come out. What may be the no.1 corner next year is on espn u right now in NC St's spring game.
  20. Shaping up to be a no name defense, hope they can perform at the level as some of the more famous ones can.
  21. I think it will be the Raiders, They have a huge whole to dig out of. If the Texans have the division locked up late like they prob should. Then we might get to see some of their backups. Kinda like last year. We will prob be borderline double digit losses but definitely not the worst.
  22. Those are OLB's CJ is a ILB 6'4 250 runs 4.50 can cover very good can play mike and will backer. He wont be listed as a starter but Bama plays nickel 75% of the time and he is nickel mike and base will.
  23. The starting NT on one of the best college D's of all time.
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