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  1. Yes, I'm sure it will. It will be announced in May, and Jim going through this in the preceding months(possibly being in rehab, issued a suspension, whatever) will probably end Indy's candidacy.
  2. I have no problem with him or other posters criticizing the organization, but yes, I was starting to suspect that.
  3. He was going 10! Had he hit a squirrel, it would have lived.
  4. Well, he was going all of 10. The neighborhood kid passed him on his bike.
  5. Grigson should do Jim a solid and sign a player or two so people have something else to talk about.
  6. I do find it interesting how much more understanding people are of Irsay in this matter than they would be of a player being arrested under similar circumstances. Irsay: "It's an addiction." "Poor guy, someone should have helped him." RB or DB: "*." "*." "Cut him." "Zero tolerance policy."
  7. No, Goodell is a just commissioner. He knows the Richardson trade is punishment enough.
  8. Then this might be something positive after all.
  9. We had the same amount invested in him in 2013 when he lost his job and barely played down the stretch.
  10. One guy was terrible and two dudes are coming off IR. By week 5 it might be none of the above. If healthy, Bradshaw is the best of the three.
  11. Many of the things you say about the Colts are reasonable, but until proven otherwise, the Texans are stll the Texans. We've been hearing about Houston's "talent" for a decade.
  12. Depends on the insurance policy.
  13. But a slight improvement over Satele gets you nowhere. If they're not going to invest heavily in the C position, which would be understandable, I hope they at least bring in some more competition. No, you may not need to pay a Mack to have a good O-line, but you need better C play than you've had.
  14. I'm just teasing you, man. To me, Polian is Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot and Mao rolled up into one, but I realize others might see it differently.
  15. Yes, it's a mixed bag, to date, but generally I'm fine with the way he operates, philosophically. You can miss on draft picks just as easily as you can miss on trades and free agent signings. Whatever type of acquistion it is, you just need to hit on it. He needs a higher hit rate on every type of move, and I have a feeling he'll get it with some of the recent acquisitions. That said, I highly doubt we'll ever see another Richardson-type trade.
  16. I find it telling, though, that the poster who defends him the most is the one who didn't actually live through it.
  17. If you're gonna take a chance, you do it on this, not ex-Raiders. I half wish they had signed him longer, because I have a feeling this is going to work out well. If Nicks and Bradshaw stay healthy for 16 games, it would be huge for the team.
  18. A couple of things to remember about the O-line play in 2013: Everyone, outside of Richardson, ran the ball well. Outside of Richardson, the Colts were a good running team. Also, once the play calling improved toward the end of the season, the sacks dropped. Once Pep started getting ahead on early downs and stopped consistently putting Luck in 2nd and long and 3rd and long, the pass protection improved. So, the organization may be looking at all of this differently than we are. Perhaps they're thinking that if Pep ups his game and there is less of Richardson(as we saw toward season's end
  19. Good to hear. Unfortunately, we have no starter.
  20. It's a coping mechanism - a board rationalization which has taken on a life of its own.
  21. Just as absurd is assuming said 4th rounder with zero experience is the entrenched starter.
  22. I'm not sure that makes many of us feel all that much better. C is still a huge question mark.
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