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  1. Yes, 3rd and long in that situation, you take the 3. It reminded me of the end of the Miami game last year. At times when Pep should be conservative, he's oddly aggressive. At other times, when he should be aggressive, he's strangely conservative. If you throw the ball in that situation, it's the safest pass you can conceive of - a quick out to a TE, or something of that nature.
  2. Quite honestly, this has been a 6-10 or 7-9 team the past two seasons. Only Luck's 4th quarter magic made it an 11-5 team. No 4th quarter magic last week, and last night, instead of magic in 4th quarter, it was a cursed 4th quarter. I do not have a good feeling about this season. If they can somehow battle to 9-7 and a playoff spot, it will be an accomplishment. Pep needs to go ASAP. I assume, unless they go 2-14, Grigson and Chuck will get one more shot in 2015, but I'm absolutely certain Irsay will not allow Luck's career to be squandered. Just build a reasonably balanced team around
  3. The thing about that is, if Wilson, Kaepernick or some QB with a real defense turns the ball over, his defense gets off the field or holds the opposing team to a FG, and it's still just a normal football game. It's been the same story watching Luck and Manning over the past 16 years. If they make a mistake, the game might be over in 10 minutes. If our defense could get off the field, force turnovers or score occasionally, it would certainly help the QB. A big special teams play or a long run by a RB once a year wouldn't hurt either. Unfortunately, in Indianapolis, it always rides 100% on
  4. The defense has the potential to be average. You know you're a Colts fan when that actually sounds encouraging.
  5. Thank God, and you'll have to be, otherwise you will be 0-2.
  6. In no way would the Colts or Irsay benefit?
  7. Indy had no prayer after Jim went to the hole. The other owners weren't about to reward Jim after that incident.
  8. In Pep's offense that's 90% of the time. We need all the receivers we can get for the inevitable, crazy 14-28 point comebacks. In all seriousness, I pray what we saw in the final four games is the blueprint for 2014, and considering we start with Denver and Philly, it almost has to be.
  9. They also tried to sign him in 2008 while Dungy was still here, but he went to Carolina instead.
  10. #12

    bruce vs pep

    Talk about interesting perspectives: You're somewhow giving Pep's offense credit for the 12 and 18 point holes the team was put in vs. the Seahawks and Texans(not to mention vs. the Rams, Bengals, Cardinals, etc.) in which Luck had to bail them out, or at least attempt to bail them out? With 17 and 24 point holes, he would be a genius. Don't you see they played their best football when they were forced out of Peps offense - when they were down big or in a track meet vs. the Broncos and had no choice but to play up-tempo offense? The 49er game was the only game the Pep/Stanford offense
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    bruce vs pep

    Which offense from Pep? The offense of the first 12 games or from the final 4? The offense from the final 4 was a completely different offense. I'll take that offense over Arians' offense. If it's Pep's offense from the first 12, then I'll go with Arians.
  12. I think the league actually did us a favor by scheduling Denver and Philly first. Had we started with the Titans, Jags and Browns, Chuck would have once again come out of the gates conservatively, trying to be this running team he envisions us to be. Now he can't. Unless he wants to fall behind by 2-3 TDs both games, that is. But we did quite a bit of that last season, so who knows.
  13. Yes, many of the games on the schedule are much more difficult than the opponents' records would indicate - at Pittsburgh, at N.Y., at Dallas, Washington, etc. Unless the team, outside of Luck, makes a healthy leap, 10-6, a division title and the 4th seed would be an accomplishment.
  14. Some obsessively criticize the trade; some obsessively defend it. The rest of us would prefer reading about something else.
  15. Had they remembered to include Costa it would have been a glowing article.
  16. We're going to be a running team, so we let our best RB from 2013 go, do nothing to improve the O-line and sign a WR. Our three RBs consist of Trent 2.9 and two dudes coming off IR. I like Chuck. Everybody likes Chuck. But I'm beginning to think Chuck will be the Jim Mora of the Luck era. If Luck's magic runs out for a stretch and he's unable to bail the team out on a weekly basis, things could go south very quickly.
  17. Also, if you're a dynastically-minded organization, you can't be as rigid in your philosophy as you were in 2013 - run the ball, stop the run, hammer a square peg into a round hole. The Patriots are the antithesis of this. Walsh and the 49ers were the antithesis of this. The Steelers of the 70's were the antithesis of this. Once the 5 yard rule came into being and the Steelers acquired some weapons, they became more of a passing team in the late 70's. These teams, over a long period of time, did whatever it took to win, that week, based on the current makeup of their team.
  18. Great quote, but I wish I had heard it in September of 2013, the day after he turned down the Richardson trade.
  19. If the Colts stagnate or regress, he will be. It's a bottom line business and Grigson doesn't have the pedigree to survive many down seasons. Irsay has publicly lamented the organization's failure to build balanced teams around Manning. If he sees Luck's career being wasted, I doubt he'll have much patience the second time around. Also, we're no longer in the infancy of this process. We're going into year 3. Mora was out in 4, after one down year.
  20. Denver is the best of the group. New England isn't overly-talented, but has the experience. The Bengals might have more talent than the Colts, but it's still Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis. Really, it's the same story of the past 16 years - a number of teams probably have more talent than the Colts, but we have the QB.
  21. They seem to have a lot of those.
  22. That's half the problem. Pep's play calling + Richardson was half the problem. In 2012, I recall you arguing the O-line wasn't as bad as it appeared to be - Arians' play calling set them up to fail. IMO that trend carried over into 2013 with things getting worse following the Richardson acquisition. With the shift in offensive philosophy toward the end of the season, the sacks dropped. That's not to say we couldn't use more talent, but there's more to the equation than just personnel.
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    changes to LOS

    Satele's best play as a Colt - heading the ball back to Luck.
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