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  1. Have to get a lead. It's amazing how much better this defense plays when the O gets a lead. The Giants have gone West Coast and will certainly attempt to expose us over the middle with a quick, efficient passing game. And yes, it's a very important game. Lose this and the division is a dogfight. The Texans get the Jags twice down the stretch in December, so you want it in hand before then.
  2. No doubt about that, but when seemingly every receiver has 5 yards of separation or more, I would say it was a combination of the two. Quite a few blown coverages as well. Terrible top-to-bottom.
  3. Can't say that is something I expected to read today.
  4. Overall, we played much better than they did against the Chiefs. Assuming the defense at least gets off the bus, our offensive performance from yesterday will still win 95% of the games you play. Despite everything, with a few 2nd half stops, Luck would have won that game.
  5. I believe Chuck said they needed to stay humble and work hard. Judging by this performance, perhaps that didn't happen. You need years - a large body of work - to have true confidence, like that of the Steelers and Ravens of the past. Otherwise, it's just false bravado everyone can see through anyway. A 3 game stretch won't do it.
  6. Good chance we see them again the playoffs, assuming we make it. I doubt we get a bye, and they are right there for a wild card. I suppose I would rather see them win the division and get the Bengals, Ravens or Chiefs instead.
  7. That faction scares me more, honestly.
  8. Within 7 days I saw one of the best defensive performances of the Indianapolis era followed up by, most certainly, the worst. The only time the Steelers were stopped was when they stopped themselves. There wasn't a pass rusher within 5 yards of Roethlisberger while seemingly every Steeler receiver had 5 yards of separation or more. That was so easy Curtis Painter could have done it. Life as a Colts fan. Every time you have visions of a true NFL defense and offensive line, the real Colts return. Reminds me of last season. They need to nip it in the bud and not go through another Bengal
  9. I wouldn't shed a tear over it. It's life in the NFL. Despite all of the talk about family, etc., if the players don't perform, they are fired(cut by Chuck and Grigson). If the coaches don't perform, they are fired(by Irsay). If the fans don't show up, we are fired and the team moves. Were Irsay to be arrested a few more times, even he might be fired, by the other owners, forced to sell, Sterling style.
  10. But my comment was in the context of a 24-0 lead. I wouldn't say that 24 point leads are erased with regularity. No, such games do not usually turn on a handful of plays. When they do, it's obviously worth noting.
  11. Hopefully, we do a better job of stopping them this year. Last year, they put up 42, and we couldn't stop anything - not even the elusive Andy Dalton on the read option. Plus our high receiver from last year's game, Rogers, is gone.
  12. Games can turn quickly. Three plays made this game a game - penalty on FG, tipped INT and botched snap. That's 21 points on the board instead of 3.
  13. 4-2, 3-0 in the division, after starting 0-2? Hard to complain. That said, they need to stop trying to give games away. It's getting ridiculous.
  14. Yes, but when you have Eagles game iced and give it away with a turnover, then have the Ravens game iced and once again try to give it away with a turnover in the final minutes, this is on a different level, and worth noting.
  15. I haven't always agreed with the way this team has been constructed, but since Dungy arrived it's been a well coached team. How often do you ever see a Colts player make the repeated mistakes Harrison made today? It just doesn't happen. They need to clean up a lot of things and stop trying to do everything they can to give away games.
  16. That was the first year of the 5 yard re-emphasis, but I would say in flag crazy 2014, especially with the way QBs are protected today, it's even easier today. So, based on results, it's hard to compare. 5,000 yards from a QB is nothing today.
  17. Yes, offensively, we've had the capability to play like this for a few years now. It's just that we waited until we were down 2-3 TDs to open it up and play like this. Hell, we even helped out by deferring the kick every game. Richardson's futility may actually be a blessing in disguise. If he were above average in terms of performance, we would probably still be attempting to grind out every game, relying on an imaginary defense and offensive line we do not possess instead of the QB and receiving options we do.
  18. Nothing new here, but we'll have to score a lot of points, because good offenses and QBs are going put up many points on this defense. Honestly, had they and their teams not self-destructed in spots, even Bortles and Whitehurst looked fairly good against this defense. They had a combined 5 games of NFL experience between them. Thankfully, it seems the coaching staff has come to the realization that it's the passing game that will win games for us. It's the same as it was in the Manning era. The only way this defense succeeds is if our offense puts constant pressure on the opposing offens
  19. Might as well just sticky this. Same story since 1998. That said, face reality and realize how you're going to win games going forward.
  20. #12

    Fire Pep

    Which system? We're schizophrenic. Depending upon the game or time of the year, we pinball back and forth between Arians' offense, Stanford's and a pseudo-Manning era look. There is no offensive identity. That's a huge part of the problem IMO.
  21. Who cares what they were mistakenly viewed as by some. It's not reality.
  22. I'll repeat that Mora made the playoffs two years in a row, went 6-10 and was shown the door. This is the NFL. That said, unless they have a top 5 draft pick, I'm sure Chuck and Grigson will get one more shot.
  23. Unless they crash and burn and go 2-14, Chuck and Grigson will get one more shot in 2015, but that's probably all they will get. Remember, Mora was shown the door after one down season, in his 4th season. This is year 3 of this process. We're no longer in the infancy of this process. Over two years, we had a ton of cap space and numerous draft picks to build around the franchise QB we lucked into. This team should be better than it is by now.
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