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  1. It wouldn't hurt, through play design, to get Luck a few more high percentage throws. You want to stay aggressive. You want the big plays, but the completion % is going in the wrong direction. A few more dumpoffs and screens to backs - give it to Boom and let him run with it. Just slightly more dinking and dunking with quick passing and drive starting plays. Tone it down a hair without altering what you do.
  2. If you primarily only use a back for pass protection, as they seemed to be trending toward in the 2nd half Sunday, it's pretty easy for the defense - never having to respect the run. In the NFL, I'm not sure you can broadcast that type of tendency to opposing defenses. There must be better ways to provide adequate pass protection while still retaining the threat of a running game. Here's one thing I don't understand in this situation. Richardson was essentially benched down the stretch and in the playoffs last year. He got minimal touches. What on earth has he done since to regain his
  3. When they deferred, they consistently went down by 2 TDs every week. The only time this defense ever plays well is when the offense gets a lead. You have a great offense and a terrible defense. Why on earth would you defer?
  4. To have a chance in a 3 way tie break, we needed Baltimore to keep winning.
  5. In 2013, in terms of rushing average, if you subtracted Richardson, the Colts were the #1 rushing team in the league. In 2014, if you subtract Richardson, the Colts are the #3 rushing team in the league. Every runner not named Richardson who has touched the ball behind this line over the past two years has performed well. The solution to your running woes seems fairly simple to me. Stop. Handing. Richardson. The. Ball.
  6. It's not only that. His performance and the reliance on him has really hurt this team over the past two years. Relying on him has consistently put us in 2nd and 3rd and long, where teams can tee off at Luck. And last year following the trade, it consistently put us down by 2-3 TDs every week. It needs to end.
  7. About Boom and the fumbles - they didn't pull Luck after some INTs early in his career. Boom looks like a very promising runner. Keep handing him the ball and hammer home ball security to him.
  8. Richardson is possibly the worst runner I've ever seen at this level. Every back I can recall the Colts bringing in, be it someone off the street or out of the CFL has looked better. You want a series of downs to go nowhere? Hand it to Richardson on 1st down. If you are absolutely determined to see a series of downs go nowhere, give it to him on 1st and 2nd down.
  9. Apparently, I know nothing about football, and admittedly I'm no genius, but that's not good.
  10. If this weren't in reference or comparison to Boom, I'd say that's exactly what is going on. If the guy weren't a # 1 pick... had a # 1 pick not been spent on him, no way would they still handing him the ball. No way. Had the guy not been a # 1 pick - based on his performance through three years - he would already be out of the league. Yet, he's still our staring RB.
  11. The honeymoon is over for Chuck - that's for sure.
  12. He's a good leader, and after all that's why Irsay said he hired him - for leadership. With better coordinators, he might be fine. I don't know. But under the current structure, it feels like Manning era 2.0, where you have the QB to be competitive, but not the coaching or balanced team for greatness. It feels like you're fighting the same type of battle.
  13. Hard to disagree with. Thank god for Peyton. Thank god for Luck. It's the same thought you had for 15 years with Manning. If they build any sort of reasonably balanced team around Luck, he will win multiple championships. What is so frustrating is you have had the hardest pieces to acquire - freakishly talented QBs and pass rushers, all-time greats at WR, yet you can't build any sort of reasonably balanced teams around them. Just by chance, once in 20 years you would think you would hit on the right formula.
  14. Pretender, contender, whatever. The real question is: is this team improving? I'm sure someone can point to incremental improvements, but a huge amount of money has been spent in free agency. You've had a bunch of draft picks. How much better is this team than it was at the end of Luck's rookie season? With 4 losses already, they will be lucky to match their record from the past two years, and they actually played better against top competition in the first two years - Green Bay, SF, Denver, Seattle - than they have this year. If you don't like the word pretender, stagnant and lucky to
  15. I feel the same as I did during the Dungy era. We are never going to outcoach Belichick. Pep and Chuck are never going to outcoach Belichick, so you must decisively win practically every position battle on the field to win the game.
  16. Against this defense, the Colts have to play attacking, aggressive football. Almost invariably since Luck arrived, they have played their best football when they were aggressive. The trouble always seems to start when they are not aggressive. You just have to live and die with Luck and hope that he and the team mature at a point and do not turn the ball over in big games like this. Hopefully, that starts this weekend. If they don't turn the ball over, they will win this game.
  17. I'm fairly certain beating the Pats would help us win the division. With the #1 offense in the league, we've been known to score a point or two ourselves. Let's see if they can outscore us in a shootout. If we don't turn the ball over, I bet they can't.
  18. Perhaps you could have worded it differently, but Luck and pretty much every Colt said the same thing. It wasn't their best football. Strange game, really. They looked pretty sloppy overall - on both sides. Offensively, they were never really in a rhythm, yet were up 40-10 at one point. If you can grind out a game with the passing game, that's exactly what they did. They kept throwing it and eventually hit a big pass here and there. Regardless of what is going on - poor pass protection, Luck is a bit inaccurate - I still what the game in Luck's and our receivers hands, because as was th
  19. How are they gonna stop us? Let's see if they can outscore us. If we don't turn the ball over, I bet they can't. Who has stopped us? We have. That's it. No opponent has. We've stopped ourselves with turnovers. Even in the losses we're averaging 28 points and 435 yards a game.
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