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  1. Other than to protect the QB's stat line, I don't know why teams don't do this more on 3rd and long, especially around mid field. You're in 3rd and long around midfield - why throw a screen for 5 yards? Your punter is already in good position. Throw a jump ball inside the 10. If they catch it, who cares.
  2. Get some rest and come back. The guy threw 39 TDs and won 12 games. He's not finished. People keep talking about his arm strength, but I believe, in part, he's out of rhythm due to the fact they tried to run it so much in the second half of the season. He's a rhythm passer. You have to live and die with him. Whenever he tries to Dilfer it, it doesn't work.
  3. It was good to hear him say he realizes he might not have this job for long. He recognizes he must improve this roster. Year four - he has to get this thing right. The clock is ticking. Richardson was the wrong big swing to make, but I agree with the concept. You have to take some swings at true difference makers and play makers for this defense... at some rocks for the O-line. I also liked the "mining more gold" thought. The whole situation was getting pretty stagnant - Richardson and up and down the line.
  4. This team was severely hurt by Richardson's play for two years. The Browns were hurt by Manziel's play for one game. Even in this misguided comparison, if Manziel is who you think he is and the Browns are smart enough to not play him... to keep him on the bench(we weren't with Richardson), they win.
  5. I pray it's coach speak, just so Richardson prepares.
  6. They are still handing Richardson the ball.
  7. And Randy Moss was no better than Troy Brown... If this team were 3-13 with Andy Dalton, they would be lucky. It's the same nonsense you heard for years with Manning. Some people, like Brown, aren't intelligent enough to look at the surrounding team Luck has been carrying his first three years in the league, or realize that Luck is only in year 3, and has made the playoffs all three years with this pathetic team. Compare Luck in year 3 to Manning, Brady, Rodgers or Brees. He is infinitely more advanced than any of them. Of course, this organization could make things easier on Luck - m
  8. Sounds good, but I'm not sure it's true. If they are on track in year 3 of a 5 year plan, I would love to know what the plan is, because in every way they appear to be going in the wrong direction to me. To me, they simply look like a bad team who has been 11-5 for three seasons for two reasons: one, the QB, and two, a weak division.
  9. It's not impossible for them to win that game, but it might be impossible for a Pep/Chuck coached team to win that game. If they get that far, they can't act like they are content to be in a 7-3, 14-3 game, as they did a few months ago. They have to get a lead and turn it into a true shootout. The only way you win that game is by playing up tempo and letting Luck sling it for 4 quarters. You do not possess the defense or running game to win it any other way.
  10. On that thought and considering how they have ended this season, whoever they play next week, the stadium will be half full of either Bengals or Steelers fans.
  11. I'm not sure overachieving is the accurate term for it. One, they've been lucky to play in a weak division. Two, Luck saved them repeatedly from bad play, bad coaching and the disaster that was Trent Richardson with ridiculous comeback after ridiculous comeback. Simply put, outside the QB, this is a bad team, with bad coaching and bad management IMO. Doing nothing might be the most dangerous thing Irsay could do. At some point this turns into an Atlanta Braves situation where people just stop showing up, renewing season tickets, etc. It's not only three years of this. This is on the he
  12. Outside the QB and a few skilled players, they're a 3-13 team This team has one chance in the playoffs - to let Luck rip it and play up-tempo, aggressively as they can for four quarters. What do you have to lose? If Pep and Chuck are dumb enough to try to slug it out with the Bengals, they will lose. If they are dumb enough to attempt it in New England, they will lose by 4 TDs again. You have one prayer in these playoff games, and that's to jump out to a lead. If the opposition gets a lead, with our defense, it's over. It just snowballs from there. This defense only ever plays well wi
  13. Can't wait for another battle of wits between Pep/Chuck and Belichick.
  14. If you really want to avoid New England, you should probably cheer for the Bengals this week. Sure, you still have to beat Pittsburgh, but if the Bengals are at 3, I have a feeling they will lose to the Chargers or Ravens.
  15. Defense is atrocious. O-line is terrible. The Richardson trade was an abomination. That's 90% of your team. You can pick out a few players here and there for any GM, and mainly they're skilled players receiving the ball from your once in a generation QB. Who knows how good they would be receiving the ball from Brian Hoyer.
  16. Chuck is a good guy. Everyone likes Chuck, but I'm afraid he's the Jim Mora of the Luck era. Not sold on Grigson either. In fact, he might be worse.
  17. Rest them? Obviously, they need the practice. I'm not worried about anyone getting injured. They're not winning anything anyway.
  18. The guy was down 14-0 today without throwing a pass. He was down 28-0 after 4 passes, 3 of them being drops, I believe. This team would be 2-14 with Andy Dalton, and in year 3, Luck is infinitely more advanced than Manning or Brady were. Or, Brees, Rodgers, whoever...
  19. This team is regressing. There's no doubt. This organization had a once in a lifetime opportunity when it drafted Luck, with all the available cap space over two years. They have fumbled the ball. This team might be worse than it was in 2012. Luck is better, but the team might be worse. And the coaching was certainly better in 2012 with Arians. You hired a GM, coach and OC with no experience. It's amateur hour. With Luck, Irsay won Powerball, then hired the Three Stooges to handle his money.
  20. Outside the QB, would you take the Colts coaching and talent over any of the other potential playoff teams? Patriots - no Broncos - no Ravens - no Chiefs - no Steelers - probably not Bengals - talent, no. I might take Chuck over Marvin Lewis. Seahawks - no Packers - no Eagles - no Cardinals - no Lions - no Cowboys - We'll see Sunday. Saints - coach, no. Talent? Perhaps, but it's not a slam dunk. This is the recurring theme with this team. Once they get to the playoffs, it's an uphill battle every year. Manning was set up to fail. Luck is set up to fail.
  21. We're in year 17 of Manning/Luck. If Jamarcus Russel were our QB, I'd be content with a playoff spot.
  22. Stagnant. Outside the QB, this is not a great team. The coaching? Is this organization going in the right direction? I have no idea, but as has been the case since 1998, they have the QB to save themselves and put butts in the seats. As long as that's true, I doubt you'll see any changes.
  23. I would disagree with that. You've had two Peps - the one we saw for the first twelve games last year who attempted, after the Richardson trade, to play something similar to 49er and Seahawk football, and the one we've seen since. The second version has been much more successful. Toward the end of last season, it was just a matter of opening it up and letting Luck be Luck, regardless of who the WRs were - Rogers, Whalen, Brazill, etc. Pep himself has admitted to this metamorphosis.
  24. No, it wouldn't hurt at all to get Luck a few more high percentage passes. The completion percentage is going in the wrong direction. You want to be attacking and aggressive, yes - that's what you do - but just tone it down a hair without altering what you do. Dump it off to Boom a few more times and let him run with it.
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