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  1. They did it with us - trading for Moss, Welker etc. Belichick admitted so. Now, in the past few years, after watching Seattle and SF, they seem to be somewhat following in that direction with the Browner acquisition, big RBs, etc. That said, we're not in a position to do such a thing. A few moves aren't going to transform this team or push us past the Pats.
  2. No, Chuck loved him. I remember Grigson saying as much after both attended his workout. Dude's a bust. No need to create another serial soap opera over it. Once again, if the guy weren't a first round pick, it would barely be worth discussing. Players come and go in this league. If you don't perform, you go.
  3. It wasn't as dramatic as last year, but once again Luck's numbers dropped after Reggie's injury. His completion percentage plummeted. If Reggie is finished, they need to add a prototypical possession receiver to the mix, especially for 3rd down. Think Edelman last night.
  4. Unless Houston finds a QB, we should still be able to win the division. If Manning retires or fails to return to form, on a given day, outside of New England, we can beat any of the other potential playoff teams - Cincinnati, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, SD, KC, etc. Of course, on a given day, we could also go one and done against any of them. New England? I'm afraid the only way we get past them is if they suffer a rash of injuries or someone else beats them. This team isn't quite Super Bowl or bust material.
  5. I'm sorry, but this team isn't close to anything. Outside of facing an injured Manning, they were terrible against top competition all season. But, as it was with Manning, Luck will keep everyone employed, keep everyone believing this is a near championship caliber team.
  6. In a way, I do like the thinking. I have no idea whether Suh is a realistic possibility or not, but people conclude he doesn't fit the system. Well, make him fit. Through three seasons we have wasted free agent money on players who fit the scheme, but only, at best, marginally improve the defense. I would rather pay a true difference maker and make him fit.
  7. Yes, let's be honest about this. Outside of T.Y., the Pats might be better than the Colts at every position on the field. Yes, I think they are. Even with Vontae, they trump us with Revis. Plus, they have the experience. But we haven't even gotten to the main problem yet - their coaching is in a different galaxy. In the near future, our only hope of beating them is to play some sort of crazy game. Go up tempo, no huddle for 4 quarters. Let Luck improvise. Try to get a lead. Try to turn it into a shootout. If the game is any sort of a chess match - a battle of talent, experience an
  8. In no way do I believe we're on track in year 3 of a 5 year plan - that we're close. If anything, we're largely starting over. Werner was a bust. Most of the free agent money appears to have been wasted on, at best, marginal improvements. Who knows what Mathis has left. You have a corner or two - that's about it.
  9. What is so maddening about this organization is we have had the hardest pieces to find - the freakishly talented QBs and pass rushers. The all pro/hall of fame WRs. Yet, we cannot build reasonably balanced teams around them. For practically every other organization, it's just the opposite. The Texans, Jets and Bills, think, god, if we just had the QB. If you put Luck on the Texans, Bills, Chiefs, etc., etc., etc., they might win the Super Bowl next year. Other teams think, god, if we just had Freeney and Mathis, it would push our defense over the top. If we had Harrison, Wayne or Hilto
  10. And, over the past 17 years, there are two reasons we are not those teams - we lucked into two once in a generation QBs. Unfortunately, to save our lives, we cannot build any sort of reasonably balanced teams around them. We wasted Manning's career - on our way to wasting Luck's. It's a good thing I am a selfish Colts fan, because if I were only thinking of their well being, I would be wishing they had been drafted by other teams.
  11. Polian supplied Fangio with garbage - Rob Morris, Chad Cota, etc. He has clearly proven he can coach. John Pagano was also on that staff. Coaching wasn't the issue. Of course, truth be told, Grigson has also supplied Manusky with garbage, but it's time to shake things up somehow.
  12. Where in god's name do you start? You could build the most talented team imaginable, and I'm afraid Belichick would still make Chuck, Pep and Manusky look like clowns. You could build the most talented team imaginable, but if you go down 14 early by fumbling the first punt, dropping a pass that would tie the score, then kicking a 51 yard FG in a monsoon, I'm not sure it would matter.
  13. We almost lucked out with a Cincinnati, injured Peyton, Baltimore path to the Super Bowl. In the the near future, something like that happening is our best chance. Belichick will continue to make this staff look like clowns every time. Unfortunately, someone else has to beat them.
  14. God, did things look easy for them on offense. Every handoff - 10 yards. Every 3rd down - a WR was standing wide open. We do well against the stone age type passing games, but anything creative like New England does with their route combinations - no prayer.
  15. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how much better this team is. Luck is better than Painter no doubt, but the team?
  16. We need just a little more luck in the playoffs. Flacco scores at the end last week, I like our chances.
  17. And then, if we draw the Raiders in the AFC Championship, we'll be in business.
  18. Just hand off the ball and run out the clock.
  19. Cribbs' fumble - I was worried the game was over. Herron's drop - I suspected the game was over. Chuck's decision on the FG - I knew the game was over.
  20. Sure, that's how people will spin it, but this is, by playoff standards, a weak team with sub par coaching. If it's a better team than Luck walked into, it's not by much. This team is where it is for one reason - the QB. It's been the same story for 17 years. No QB in the history of the universe could win a ring with this team.
  21. When everything looks so easy for them and so difficult for us, you know you are being severely outcoached. Yes, they are more talented, but not this much more talented. We will never outcoach this team. You will have to be significantly more talented than them to beat them. When we flipped the script and won 5 out of 6 against them, how did we do it? By having more weapons than they could stop. Belichick said so himself. That's why he went out and got Moss, Welker, etc. As is, I would prefer our chances against New England if we just went up-tempo, no huddle the entire game and let
  22. If I am the Colts, I may never use another draft pick on a RB. The Herrons and Tiptons of the world are just fine. In recent years, they have used three 1st rounders on RBs, and outside of Addai's first two seasons, have gotten very little out of any of them. Addai was perpetually injured. Brown dropped to, what, 3rd or 4th on the depth chart? Richardson? A healthy scratch.
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