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  1. Or, the 2012 Colts might be the 2011 Colts. Have some patience. We have a rookie QB, rookie head coach, rookie GM, and one of the weakest rosters in the league. The greatest QB I've ever seen only went 3-13 his first season.
  2. Yes, he was going to solve our run-blocking woes. You have 5 O-linemen who can't run block, but hey, at least Polian found a TE who can.
  3. Only two years? I'll take it. I waited 14 years with Polian.
  4. I appreciate people's optimism, and certainly hope we do win 9-10 games, but I have a feeling certain fans are in for a rude awakening over the next few years. It's not easy to win with a team like this. Just because Manning could do it, doesn't mean Luck, at age 22-24, can do it. Manning was special... all-time special. And let's face it, Luck is not walking into a Flacco or Roethlisberger type situation here. It's going to take time to finally build this team the right way - the way it should have been built under Manning. And it can't be done in one offseason, one draft.
  5. If Arians does what he did in Pittsburgh, he'll be moving receivers around, in and out, with multiple WR formations. It will be a bit different than what we're used to. I'm sure both will see quite a bit of playing time.
  6. If you feel having a pathetic defense, pathetic special teams and sub par running game equals a "built" team, then sure, I agree with your assessment. Many around the league are expecting this team to once again contend for the worst record in the league, yet Manning could walk in tomorrow and win 10-12 games on this team. This is the same type of team he won with for years.
  7. Was this team ever "built"" under Polian? Few QBs in the history of the game could have won with these teams. What they're putting on the field in 2012 is better than many of the teams Manning won 12 games with. I prefer to say they are "building" rather than "rebuilding."
  8. This is the greatest similarity I see to Manning. If someone is open, Luck will find him.
  9. Here's the difference: Eli has Coughlin to rip into the player while Montana had Walsh. Walsh is famous for saying, "If you can't run it right, get the **** off my field." Manning never had this with Dungy or Caldwell, so he himself had to be the enforcer.
  10. One year? I'd say they are renting. In many ways Luck does remind me of Manning, but he's not a clone, obviously.
  11. But it depends on the personnel you have, right? If you have the TEs to run it, and Luck is coming from a system which utilized multiple TE sets, you probably run it more.
  12. And when protections break down, Luck can run - something we're not used to. If Luck watches any tape on Peyton, I hope he watches how Peyton threw to and dumped off to the RBs. I always thought Peyton was at his best when he was patient and made a concerted effort to get the RBs involved in the passing game.
  13. Sure, you can argue they're better, but as others have said, that's not saying much. You couldn't get much worse. This was a pathetically weak team, devoid of talent. Only the likes of Manning could win with such a team. Can a 22 year old Luck do the same? I doubt it. It's going to take time to build this thing,
  14. This team needed everything. You couldn't possibly address it all in one draft. Two more drafts and two more years of free agency are needed to turn it around. If it goes like this, I will be pleased: 2012 - 6-10 2013 - 8-8 2014 - 10-6, Wild Card If they are in playoff competition by 2014, we should be happy. The Polians left this franchise in a patheitic state.
  15. It all sucked - offense, defense and special teams. But you can't address it all in one draft.
  16. One leg weighs as much as Sweet Pea Burns.
  17. Yes, you could argue that, with Collie's and Avery's injury history, the Colts only had one reliable receiver and no pass-catching tight ends on the roster.
  18. You can't rebuild this team in one draft. This is a talent-poor team, and has been for years. Manning made everyone look infinitely better than they were. Luck is a great talent, but can he have the same effect at 22 years old? I doubt it. You need two more drafts and two more years of free agency. If they are in playoff competition by 2014, we should be happy. And doing so by 2014 would be optimistic.
  19. I think some are still in the mode where they are expecting to compete this year. The Colts aren't competing this year. If they are in playoff competition by 2014, we should be happy. The Polians left this franchise in abysmal shape. You can't rebuild this thing in one draft - they need everything. But you can attempt to make Luck comfortable and start building his confidence out of the gates. I agree 100% with what they did tonight. The last thing you want is to give Luck the David Carr treatment in his first few years.
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