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  1. You're looking at this through a 3 year window. Most of us, Irsay included, are looking at it through a 17 year window. We were already once blessed with one once in a generation QB, and saw his career wasted. We've seen this same act for 17 years - great QB, severely flawed team. If Grigson and Chuck cannot build a reasonably balanced team around Luck, they will be gone, and they know it. Chuck said so himself while Grigson alluded to that reality in an interview. It's what they signed up for.
  2. No Richardson and a slightly shorter, smarter passing game might do wonders for this group, as it did in the playoffs. A consistent running game with Gore will help the pass protection. Defenses will no longer be able to tee off on Luck. Utilizing Gore in the passing game, as was done with Boom in the playoffs, will only help. The O-line isn't asked to pass protect for a 25 yard throw every dropback. Another year of experience won't hurt.
  3. If this team in the coming years wins a title, Irsay should give a ring to Reggie, as he did with Edge. Had Reggie gone elsewhere in 2012, this could have gone completely differently. For Luck's first 1 and 1/2 years in Indy, Reggie was the MVP of the team. The Packers game 2012 is the greatest game I ever saw Reggie, or any Colt receiver, play.
  4. Caldwell must have given Irsay some pretty bad reviews for us to not jump on that. So much for the rumor about the ridiculous guaranteed money the Colts were offering. In the end, dude was lucky to get a contract.
  5. Here's the thing about the Patriots. The second we shore up the run defense and they have a few runs for no gain, they'll just do something else. They'll dink and dunk us to death over the middle, 2003 style. Just because they ran all over us doesn't mean they couldn't also pass on us, if they wanted. Historically, when we've had success against the Patriots it was by playing aggressive, attacking offense for 4 quarters. Here it is; see if you can keep up. With no Revis, Talib or Browner, that might now be a little more difficult.
  6. I wouldn't mind Wilfork, but Cole will be 33. Mathis is 34. Long term, I'd rather sign Hardy and find a fat boy in the draft. Of course, if they wanted him, I'm guessing they wouldn't have spent big on Cole.
  7. It's time to turn the page. I was perfectly content to see Boom start. He'll be a great #2.
  8. In light of the Patriots losing Revis and possibly Browner(Talib last season), it's important we get this done. This is how the rivalry could possibly revert back in our favor, back to the pattern when we won 5 out of 6. The Pats could potentially go from being able to lock us down completely, as they did in the AFC Championship, to having serious problems covering us. For a variety of reasons, that's exactly what happened between 2004 and 2005 when the rivalry turned in our favor.
  9. - Seattle throws the ball less than any team in the league. - In Green Bay, you're option #3. - Belichick's a *****.
  10. It sounds funny when you first read it, but it accurately lists what is needed. At least we're good to go at QB and TE.
  11. If you just want some rotational pass rushing depth on the cheap, it's not that bad of an idea. After all, you paid Shaun Phillips and plan to give Orakpo a look.
  12. This is one we need. Outside of T.Y., there is very little combined real game experience among Moncrief, Carter and Whalen. I have a feeling Luck could make Johnson look like his former self again. He is 33, yes, but he's roughly the same age Reggie was when Luck arrived. Reggie was highly productive Luck's first season, and if not for the knee injury in 2013, would have been highly productive for two seasons, if not all three. Johnson could give us three good seasons.
  13. Fun to think about while it lasted. Was hoping for a true game changer. Not overly excited by any of the other DL free agent options. Ngata would be best, I suppose, if released. That said, he's not getting any younger. Wilfork on a reasonable deal wouldn't be bad.
  14. I hope he does. If he can go to a contender, add more yards, TDs and possibly win a ring, the HOF might become a reality. In any event, simply continuing to move up the all time lists, even if it's in Cleveland, will only help his chances. If you can still play, Reggie, play. Get healthy and come back.
  15. Re-signing Reggie may be the best move Grigson has made to date. Without Reggie in Luck's first few seasons, this could have gone completely differently. Without Reggie, I highly doubt we're a playoff team the first 3 seasons. Reggie is one of the greatest Colts - one of the many borderline hall of famers we've had in the past 15 years. I wish we could have gotten Reggie over the hump and into the hall, but I'm not sure we did. The injury last year hurt. Not adding another ring or two when you had the opportunity hurt.
  16. I have fallen into the same trap at times believing that, as long as the defense keeps it respectable, it's a positive. But that's not championship defense. In Indy, we have such low standards for our defense. We have no idea what a championship defense looks like. Outside of 1995 and a few games in in the 2006 run, I have never seen anything close to one. As for the O-line, we could use a G certainly, but a full season without Richardson, a somewhat smarter, shorter passing attack and another year of experience might do wonders for this group.
  17. The most important factor for our continued success is making sure Luck has enough players to throw to. Through three seasons, you might have an O-line in shambles, a below average defense and a historically bad RB, but as long as Luck has enough people to throw to, you can still be in contention.
  18. That's exactly what they should do. In fact, that should be their selling point to Suh. If you come to, Indy, you will be our J.J. Watt. Schematically, we'll do everything we can to feature your talents. We'll build it around you.
  19. - Better against the run - Better pass rush, more opportunities for DBs - Consistent pressure up the middle - less blitzing, better coverage over the middle of the field
  20. It's much less risky for us to make this move than it would be the Dolphins, Raiders or a number of teams. Why? Luck. With a QB like Luck or Manning, you will be in contention for this division regardless. Give Luck a few skilled players to throw to, and as we've seen through three seasons, regardless of what is on the O-line or defensive side of the ball, you will be in contention. Say it blows up in our faces. Well, you're right back to where you were, still with a good chance every season. If it blows up in the faces of a team with a lesser QB, a much lesser QB, yes, it could wreck t
  21. You don't pay the guy without having a plan to feature his talents. Chuck and Manusky have coached enough football to put a plan together to feature him and allow him to succeed.
  22. Suh. He's the type of player who can potentially make everyone around him better. If we somehow do land him, hopefully Mathis can somewhat return to form and Jonathan keeps coming on. Mathis/Freeney/Suh, for example, would have been devastating.
  23. Two of the reasons, possibly the two main reasons why the O-line looked better in the playoffs: Richardson was no longer carrying the ball, and Luck was dumping it to Boom. If you continually hand the ball to a back in Richardson who, through his performance over his first three seasons, looked as though he had no business being in the league, and you attempt to throw the ball 25 yards down the field every dropback, it's difficult for any O-line to hold up or look good.
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