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  1. From this point forward, Richardson should have to earn his carries. The guy is a flat out drive-killer. The majority of his carries should go elsewhere. Give him a few carries here and there - if he proves himself, give him more. If not, so be it. #1 pick be damned. If, beginning next season, you want to give him a fesh look(with more leeway) behind a new line, that's understandable. But currently, we're in a playoff push. Put the best players on the field.
  2. Deferring makes sense if you have Baltimore's defense of old or a defense you can trust to get a stop on the opening possession. We don't. Running the jumbo formations and the power run game makes sense if you have San Francisco's O-line. We don't. Schematically, we're playing a style befitting a team we don't have. The deferring should stop. This team desperately needs to get an early lead and put pressure on the opposing offense for once. Currently, every opposing offense gets an early lead and enjoys a 60 minute comfort zone. There is no pressure. By building a lead, the offense
  3. Things might be bad, but let's not get crazy.
  4. When you've lost confidence, as this defense and team clearly have, sometimes you need help from the opposition to get out of it. Here's to hoping Fitzpatrick donates a few and/or the Titans put a few on the turf Sunday.
  5. Getting a lead on offense for once, putting pressure on the opposing offense wouldn't hurt. As it stands, opposing offenses are in a 60 minute comfort zone. That said, I'm sure we'll defer on Sunday, run Richardson into a brick wall 3-4 times and get down by two TDs early.
  6. I would add to that: Where is this new passing offense we were promised? In order to protect Luck, we were supposed to transition into more of a quick, short passing game - into more of a WCO, away from Arians' down-the-field offense. You saw it some vs. Tennesseesee, but over the course of the season, you've seen almost nothing of what you would expect. Luck is being hit and sacked as much as last year. His completion % is dropping by the game. They need to get the ball out of his hands more quickly... through play design. That's coaching. Quick, short passing - passing more to the b
  7. Luck most certainly looks better in an up-tempo, quick-passing offense. He has for two years - scoring at the end of halves, coming from behind late in games. Yet, we still hear this: "Running the football is our identity." No, it's not, Chuck. Putting Luck in a hole every week, putting him in 2nd and long and 3rd and long constantly, then hoping he can bail you out at the end is your identity.
  8. I'm afraid we're still in the "do what we do" era, just without the slogan. I would love, for once, to have a coaching staff flexible enough to adapt to every opponent and situation... or at least make an attempt to.
  9. It's been said before, but the holes are massive in that video. Our O-line is garbage, yes, but after watching Trent for half a season, I have to finally admit he looks pretty unspectactular at this level. As a workhorse back, I'm not sure what he can do that, say, a 5th rounder like Ballard cannot. I would seriously consider limiting his touches for the rest of 2013, then giving him a fresh look behind a, hopefully, new line in 2014. No player should come before the team, #1 pick or not. Give the ball to Brown and Herron and see what they can do.
  10. The 49er game may have been the worst thing to happen to this team. It was fool's gold, and afterward they believed they could pull it off against anyone.
  11. Pep would be okay if he would transition away from the power run game we do not have the personnel to run and into more of a west coast offense. I thought that's what he was hired to do. It's been 11 games and I still have no idea what this team's offensive identity is. Basically, it's: say a prayer and hope Luck can save you in the 2nd half.
  12. Hopefully, they are just in a funk. Do something to try to break out of it - stop deferring, get the ball, run some up-tempo offense and try to get an early lead for once.
  13. Answer: they're a young team. With more experience will come more consistency. On the bright side, during certain games and halves of games, they have played championship football, and at this stage of their development that's encouraging.
  14. Pep's West Coast system was supposed to protect Luck - a departure from Arian's system. Yet, Luck is being hit as much as anyone in the league, is on pace to be sacked as much as last year and his completion % is dropping by the game. Beating our heads against the wall with this power running game we do do not have the personnel to pull off is putting Luck in 2nd and long and 3rd and long consistently and it's forcing him to come from behind every game. They are trying to protect Luck with a power runnning game, but it's having the opposite effect. More short passing on early downs. Mor
  15. Luck threw 12 times to the backs yesterday. I don't know why it took a 35-0 deficit, 20 some sacks and a ridiculous amount of hits to start doing so, but with a pourous O-line and no Wayne, a short passing game should be the basis of the offense. Drop the power running game, which you do not have the personnel to pull off, and which is putting you in a hole week in and week out, and go with a true West Coast, short passing game as the bread and butter of your offense. Pass early, get a lead, run later... not vice versa. That's what your current talent will allow you to do. Stop beating yo
  16. Throwing to the backs and encouraging Luck to check it down more often is one way you game plan around the loss of Reggie. You need to make up for some of the high percentage/easy completions he got with Reggie. Critical 3rd downs are where Reggie will truly be missed. Fleener needs to live up to expectations, catch everything that comes his way and become Luck's 3rd down possession guy.
  17. Don't try to beat them at their game. Spread it out on offense and play a true West Coast game - a lot of slants, dumpoffs and quick hitting passes. Keep Wilson in the pocket and force him to keep up in a conventional passing game.
  18. This was my biggest beef in yesterday's game. A FG at that point was huge, and a 51 yarder in swirling winds at Candlestick was no gimme. They overcame it anyway, but it reminded me of the playcalling to end the Dolphins game.
  19. Go with the hot hand(s). After playing a game like that, why disrupt things? Satele was a similar signing to Zibikowski. You think nothing of benching or replacing Zibikowkski, so I'm not sure why Satele should be entrenched as the starter.
  20. It was a great win - refreshing to see them play like this.
  21. As to the original topic, I was just watching Pro Football Talk on NBCSN and the analyst predicted "Pep Hamilton will turn Luck into Alex Smith - nothing more than a game manager."(paraphrasing) He was referencing how often Stanford ran the ball, and with the addition of Richardson, predicted the same will happen in Indy. I have no idea what the offensive identity will eventually be and do not agree with that analyst, but if the Colts do attempt to play that game, they will quickly learn they do not have the defense to pull it off.
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