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  1. Only 3 sacks in the last three games, following the shift in offensive philosophy.
  2. Just realized Friday was the 4 year anniversary of that horror. People keep trying to ruin my holiday season by bringing up Polian's name.
  3. Depends on how you look at it. In some of the cases, if they were misses for us, under the coaching staff and systems Polian put in place, then they were misses.
  4. Reggie going down has shown they desperately need some veteran depth with experience. Rogers, Whalen, Brazill and Allen all have very little - a season or less. TY and Fleener will be the most experienced.
  5. Also, Grigson was smart enough to retain Wayne and Mathis when most thought they would be headed elsewhere.
  6. Bethea is a questionable member of that list, Brown contributed next-to-nothing for his first five years and Reggie isn't playing. Not exactly an impressive list for 14 years of work.
  7. Need another vet with experience to add to the mix - Reggie, plus a vet. Keep 5.
  8. I doubt the Patriots lose, so of KC, Baltimore, Miami or San Diego, I suppose I would prefer to play KC or Miami. That said, I wouldn't rule out Miami, Baltimore and San Diego all losing and the Steelers getting in. That would be Cincinnati's worst nightmare.
  9. It's not just Brown vs. Richardson. Every runner who touches the ball in this offense looks better than Richardson. Every play looks better with Richardson on the sideline. Most people thought our offensive woes were mainly a result of Reggie going down, but Richardson's play IMO has been just as big of a factor, if not more. When I watch the guy run, I can't believe he was the #3 pick in the draft. He looks decidedly unspectacular at this level. Based on what he has shown, had we not spent a #1 on him, were he a 6th rounder, he would not see the field. Week after week he's hurting this
  10. After two years of watching Luck, this is what I would like to see: I would like to see Luck in a slightly toned-down version of the Manning offense - something reasonable between Polian's idea of things and Chuck's idea of things. Use your greatest asset Luck to get a lead, then if you can eat clock with heavy personnel and a FB, do it. That's where Luck would be at his best IMO. And that's sort of what we saw Sunday, so I hope the trend continues.
  11. I never said that. I said: Meaning, you obviously want and the need ability to run, but the 2013 offensive approach isn't one that will win many games in this era. Unless, as I said, you have one hell of a dominant defense. In fact, in 2013, they mainly won games by abandoning that approach.
  12. I'll add this: according to Chuck and Grigson, the whole idea of the power running game was to protect Luck, but it had the opposite effect. By beating you head against the wall with it, you put him in 2nd and long and 3rd and long constantly, turning him into a sitting duck. He's being hit and sacked as much as last year.
  13. Basically I look at it like this: you need one hell of a dominant defense to get away with the way the Colts were playing offense in 2013. If you can build the Steel Curtain and get away with playing like that, more power to you. But It never worked. You can't just run Richardson into a brick wall and give away possession after possession. When they were successful, as always, it was Luck coming from behind late in games. You can make a good argument they were winning in spite of the offensive approach. No, after a season of this I think you need to completely reassess where you are g
  14. The Richardson and power-running game effect. It's too difficult to sustain drives. I don't really see the point in debating Arians/Pep. For most of the season it's been pretty much the same passing philosophy, plus Pep's heavey personnel/fullback in the running game. IMO they just compounded one flawed approach by adding another. The play calling/approach Sunday was much better. Let's hope that continues
  15. If Richardson is our featured back, I cannot imagine beating them Sunday or in the playoffs. It's too difficult to keep drives going. They, on the other hand, will run the ball, run an efficient, move-the-chains offense and keep drives going.
  16. Depending upon who starts and sees the majority of the snaps at various positions, I could see us potentially pulling it off, or I could see a repeat of Cincinnati, St. Louis and Arizona. Crappy deal for them that they might blow us out, then have to travel to Indy in two weeks.
  17. Paired with a healthy Brown, hopefully, but I doubt that is the case.
  18. Three - Pollack, Richard and Justice.
  19. In the future, just say no to ex-Raiders.
  20. I can't believe anyone who watched that game thought he had a good game. The Colts were 0-10 on their last 10 3rd downs largely because, as has been the case with Richardson most of this season, they are in 2nd and long and 3rd and long constantly. So yes, he caught a few balls and broke a draw in garbage time to get up over 3.0 a carry, but as far as the flow of the game went, he hurt much more than he helped. I'm sorry, but the guy is a drive killer.
  21. After years of finesse football, people like the "idea" of Richardson and a power running game. They don't want to let it go. At first, I liked the idea of it myself. Then, I saw it in practice and witnessed the reality of the situation. Now, I just want whatever works.
  22. When, I don't know, seemingly 10 straight drives are stalled with running Richardson into a brick wall, when 6 points are scored from 3 drives started in the opposition's territory, when you score 5 points in the second half(2 on defense) even though your defense provides nothing but 3 and outs, it's probably not. Every time the ball is handed off to Richardson a play is wasted and a drive is killed.
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