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  1. A pretty damn memorable one, too. To move forward, we need a better offseason in 2014 than we had in 2013.
  2. Hopefully so, but I have a strong feeling this will go down as one of the worst trades ever. If things don't get better, I just hope we're smart enough to cut our losses at some point.
  3. Against KC, they were down 31-10 before Luck threw an INT. Last night was a different story - 14 points off turnovers, plus the Colts threw away points on the Havili INT. That was the difference in the game. That said, the defense was far from what you need to win a championship. Championship defenses force turnovers, hold teams to FGs, etc. They forced no turnovers and gave up a TD on every red zone possession.
  4. Of course, the DBs got destroyed last week, so it depends on the week. Had Brady wanted, I'm sure he could have destroyed them too.
  5. I do think people need to take a step back. 2013 = 1999. That's how early in this process we are. We have 14 more wins(including one playoff win) than Aikman and Jimmy Johnson did in their first two seasons in Dallas.
  6. Improve the defense, run an up-tempo offense and crush people. If Manning or Luck had Seattle's defense, no one could touch them. I've seen enough to know the power-running model is not the setting Luck flourishes in, and is not something we will be successful at any time soon. He can't turn the ball over like he did last night, but you have to look at the past two seasons as a whole, not just one game.
  7. We wish he were that good.
  8. Grigson's record through two seasons is mixed. I'm still not sure how much last year's spending spree actually improved the team, and the Werner pick isn't looking good. The Richardson trade - a disaster. Gotta improve the D and the O-line - generally the same song we've sung for 15 years.
  9. As far as stopping the run goes, had the Patriots wanted to open it up in the passing game, I saw nothing to suggest we would have stopped that either. I half felt they kept us in the game by running the ball.
  10. The problem is we beat our heads against the wall with that philosophy and it almost killed the season. We only turned things around because we opened it up. I'd rather go down swinging like they did tonight than give away possession after possession with a power running game you can't pull off. When we tried to play in that manner we either lost by 4 TDs or only won because of Luck's miraculous comebacks. It was not working. If by 2014 you can build the Steel Curtain, a dominant O-line and play in that manner, more power to you. The philosophical approach tonight was fine, but the def
  11. What I'm trying to say is you have to live and die by your second year QB, because you have no other options. Expecting your second year QB to be perfect under these circumstances for 16 games and 4 playoff games is unreasonable. I wish he could hand the ball off, wait for his defense to force turnovers, wait for big special teams plays. etc., but he can't. We've seen what happened when they tried to play that game. It's the same story we've seen for 15 years, but under this regime it's only been 2 years, so hopefully, Luck eventually has more help.
  12. He did, but what's the alternative? Going back to trying to play like the Seahawks and 49ers? We tried that and were falling behind by 2 TDs every game. We were losing to the Rams and Cards by 5 TDs. Bottom line - until you build a better squad, it's all on Luck, and the fact he's gotten this far with these teams is highly commendable, especially in the manner he's done it.
  13. I thought the same thing. Luck is the only thing keeping you in the game. You have to live and die by it.
  14. People do realize the difference in playing QB for the Seahawks and for a * team like this, right? Were Luck, like a monkey, to hand the ball off for 4 quarters and wait for his defense and running game to do their thing, what would the result be?
  15. He wishes he had a few back, but Luck is the only reason they won 11 games, the only reason they are in the the playoffs, and the only reason they won last week. This team flat out sucks. Like Manning, it's all on Luck. I pray it's not that way for the next 14 years, but that's the reality.
  16. No, he can do something - continue to hurt the team, only this time it will be final.
  17. Please don't throw away downs and drives giving the ball to Richardson. Relying on Richardson has been the biggest problem with this offense in 2013, and it's my biggest fear heading into this game. There is no tomorrow - Brown can play practically every down like Edge did, like he did last week.
  18. I would hope so - it's the reason they turned things around.
  19. In rewatching the game, they weren't as bad as I first thought. The Chiefs got 17 points off turnovers and short fields. Other than that, it basically came down to two big plays. I don't remember if Toler was the culprit on both, but they have to get that buttoned up. So, if you add it up, the majority of their points came from just a handful of bad plays on offense and defense. .
  20. Only a little over a thousand left anyway. Probably would have sold out either way.
  21. Arrowhead treats us pretty well, and you could hear a pin drop in the real Arrowhead two weeks ago, so I'm not too concerned.
  22. The Bengals asked for an extension, so I'm sure the Colts will too. Certainly, enough tickets will sell by tomorrow. If any are left, they will be purchased by the network.
  23. It's confusing, but the holiday week plus the snow... Perhaps this is the result you get.
  24. I think your friend got some bad information. On DirecTV, it's on the local Indy channel and would be blacked out. I've seen the local team in my area blacked out on DirecTV. There's no way 5,000 tickets sell in 5 hours, so unless they get another extension due to the weather or someone buys the remaining tickets, it will be blacked out, and the Colts need to prevent that at all costs. It helps no one.
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