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  1. I would add to this: experience. The experience level of Whalen, Rodgers and Brazill can be measured in games. Outside of Reggie, who is 36 and coming off knee reconstruction, Fleener and Hilton are the most experienced receiving options on the team. Allen, who is also coming off surgery, is sitting at one year of experience.
  2. They're still on the roster, so he has to support him. Unfortunately, as you say, his political skills aren't the best. I hope that is the case, and not a repeat of Polian. For his sake and the team's sake, I hope Grigson can admit when he's wrong. No RB can stay in the league with those numbers. If his production doesn't improve, he couldn't possibly remain on this team another two years.
  3. That's a bit misleading IMO. He didn't throw a pick against the Chiefs until they were down 31-10, and won the game, so I would subtract that from the analysis. Starting the Patriot game with a pick deep in Colt territory is a different story. That set the tone.
  4. Yes, if he could hand the ball off 5-6 times and build a 29-0 lead through his defense and special teams, that would be great.
  5. He can't throw the pick on the opening drive, no doubt. He knows that. The second wasn't his fault. The others were understandable given the situation. That said, it was an uphill battle regardless of what he did. This team is lacking in talent and experience across the board. A young and inexperienced QB and team vs. Belichick in Foxboro is not a good combination. Had Wilson and the Seahawks been forced to travel to New England for a playoff game, I wouldn't have liked their chances either.
  6. As it stands, that might set Irsay back all of about 10 bucks.
  7. It's not just personnel. Coaching needs to be better. Play calling must be better. Our current roster needs to mature. It's many things.
  8. The play calling did improve toward the end of the season, but rarely did I feel things were ever being made easier on Luck through play calling. It felt like he was constantly battling everything - poor O-line play, lack of experience at WR, poor play calling putting him in 2nd and long and 3rd and long constantly, setting him up to fail. The other point to be made about this is this team still seems to be searching for an offensive identity. In 2012, they started conservatively on offense. Then after Chuck got ill, they moved full bore into the Arians, sling it down-the-field offense.
  9. We went from a true Super Bowl contender to looking like one of the worst teams in the league in just a matter of weeks after Reggie went down. Were Hilton to go down, I could see the same thing happening. We need to add at least one veteran to the mix - some depth with experience. If you add up the total in-game experience of Hilton, Fleener, Allen, Rodgers, Whalen and Brazill, it's not much. It's two years on the high end, games at the low end.
  10. Of course you would have to take it. If, as a franchise, you make 5 Super Bowls and win 2 within 20 years, you're way ahead of the curve. That's comparable to what the Cowboys did in the mid-60's to early 80's, and they're considered by many to be a dynasty. With that record along with the numerous playoff appearances, the new millenium Colts and those Cowboys teams(America's Team) would be practically indistinguishable.
  11. Yes, I prefer the Belichick view: Depending upon our personnel, depending upon the opponent, we'll do whatever gives us the best chance to win... that week. If we have a big receiver, we'll utilize him. If we have a speedster, we'll utilize him. If our O is better than our D, we'll score. If our D is better than our O, we'll play ball control. They don't win a title evey year, but are always in the mix regardless of how their team is constructed. Never are they hammering a square peg into a round hole. Bill Walsh was very similar.
  12. We did beat them, putting up 34 on them. They're not quite the Steel Curtain; they can be had.
  13. You still have to build it though. Just because you want it doesn't mean it will magically materialize. 31 other teams want what Seattle has as well. The problem comes when, as we saw for a long stretch this season, you attempt to play a style befitting a team with a top notch defense, a top notch defense you do not own. In the end, you still have to face reality and play whatever style, based on your current personnel, gives your team the best chance to win. We couldn't play like Seattle if we wanted to. In 2013, we tried and saw the results. It was Luck coming from behind and bailing
  14. Obviously, you want to be able to run the ball, but beating your head against the wall for almost an entire season with a 1970's Steeler's style philosophy is not something I want to see again. If you plan to try to play like that again, you better have the Steel Curtain built on defense 6 months from now, because that's the only way you will get away with it. Without a dominant defense could Seattle, San Francisco or Carolina get away with their offensive philosophies? No, they could not. Further, over the past two seasons, the Colts most successful offensive moments have almost invaria
  15. We need to build a defense that can stand on it's own for once - independent of the offense. People say, run the ball, stop the run. I'd rather be good on defense, attacking on offense and crush teams. You already have the most important pieces on offense to do so. Now, build the defense while rounding out the offense.
  16. With Kubiak or someone from that coaching tree we would at least have a clear offensive identity. Currently, we have no identity. Through two seasons, it's been all over the place. Going into 2014, I have no idea what to expect.
  17. Replace Brown with Richardson, and that sums up the heart of the season. It all goes back to the Richardson trade and the 49er game. They did throw early vs. Oakland and Miami, but after the 49er game and the acquisition of Richardson, they thought they could play like that every week, and it almost killed the season. Then, opening it up in the second half of the Bengals game forward saved the season. I agree the run first/power running model is not the setting Luck will flourish in. Unfortunately, he threw 4 INTs in the final game and that's all people will remember, not the arc of
  18. That's true, but being a Grigson supporter, I have to admit that calling his record "mixed" might be a bit generous. 2012 was certainly better than 2013. Here's to a better 2014.
  19. I despised Polian to such a degree that I hesitate ever criticizing Grigson, but I just went through every pick, signing and trade Grigson has made, and a reasonable person can question a high number of them. Through two seasons, outside of Luck, when you are talking about good-to-slam dunk moves and picks, they seem to be at least balanced questionable to bad ones, and that might be a tad generous At best, through two seasons his record is mixed. Grigson needs a much better 2014.
  20. For depth, we at least need a vet with experience - a quality route runner, preferably. Let's be honest, outside of Hilton all our receiving options are question marks, including Reggie and Allen coming off injuries. If you add up the game time experience of everyone outside of Reggie, it's not much. It varies from weeks to two years.
  21. By the way, Leaf, the #2 pick, was basically out of the league after 3 seasons. If it can happen to a QB with the #2 and the type of money they spent on him, it can happen to a RB.
  22. In the CFL, perhaps. In the NFL, were he a 6th rounder given what he's shown, he might be out of the league.
  23. For the money spent, I'm not sure how much better of a team we were. Must do better in 2014.
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