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  1. Of course they did. 4 years, 24 million?
  2. Nicks just turned 26. Rogers will be 23 in a few months. If he's coming here, it's to play, not to be a stopgap or mentor to Rogers.
  3. It's a lateral move to nowhere. I don't see the point in it. At least McGlynn has experience in the offense.
  4. If you're scraping the bottom of the barrel, don't want to invest in a C and/or are expecting to hand it over to Holmes, just bring back McGlynn and get on with it.
  5. We need some experience though - collectively, very little outside of Reggie.
  6. Heyward-Bey experiment 2.0. Without the sucking, hopefully.
  7. Might as well just target bad players in free agency. I understand your point, but this was the major weakness of your team. It isn't IMO the spot to roll the dice on a reclamation project.
  8. Might as well bring back McGlynn. But then there's the danger, with injuries, they might start him at G.
  9. If he's signed that's probably the eventual plan. This would seem to fit Grigson's MO for free agent signings.
  10. - Stay healthy. - Young roster and relatively inexperienced coaching staff need to mature. - Based on your current roster, do whatever gives your team its best chance to win. Don't pretend to be the Seahawks or 49ers. Don't hammer a square peg into a round hole. - Pray that some of the recently signed players and acquisitions from 2013 make the leap and/or exceed expectations. - Do well with the remaining cap space and draft picks. Under the best scenario, I'm still not sure it's a team that has the roster and experience to compete with the top playoff teams for a championship, but we can
  11. Marginally, perhaps. To contend, they need to hit the jackpot somewhere - on a pick or someone as yet unsigned. Or, a current or recently signed player or two need to drastically exceed expectations. I just don't see the difference makers/play makers of a championship defense. Add to that, this being Mathis' final year of his contract at 33. Hopefully it comes together somehow.
  12. With Satele, Heyward-Bey and McGlynn having no chance of seeing the field, they can't help but be better, but they would need quite a few breaks IMO to win the Super Bowl. It's the same story of the past 16 years: The QB makes them a playoff team, but I'm not sure they're a true contender. The roster, outside the QB, doesn't compare to that of many of the other playoff teams. Two 11-5s was probably ahead of schedule for this team.
  13. Did Jason Seahorn give you a hard on?
  14. I don't know about Johnson, but sadly I predict they will have to, in the not-so-distant future, move on from Richardson. No RB, #1 pick or not, can stay in the league long performing at that level. Were a 6th rounder spent on him, he might already be gone.
  15. T-Rich, 2.9 and two dudes coming off IR - we might go through a few backs once again in 2014.
  16. Vinatieri was 4 of 6 beyond 50. His young replacement in New England, Gostkowski, was 5 of 6. I'm sure they'll still send Adam out beyond 50.
  17. Yes, 10 years a Patriot, 10 years a Colt. Hopefully we can win another Super Bowl and he can walk away with the most Super Bowl appearances and most rings all-time.
  18. I'm fine with letting him walk, and I'm guessing we're finished dealing high picks in season - a 1st for Richardson and a 2nd for a year+ worth of Davis.
  19. Much better version of the Heyward-Bey experiment. Sure, we've gambled on several players with injury history and lost, but eventually you have to hit on one of them.
  20. Can't wait for the Heyward-Bey celebration. Oh wait, that was a one year deal. Was that not celebrated somehow?
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