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  1. Saw Billick on NFL Network.  He seems to think that, at 38, Brady losing 4 games - 1/4 of the season of playing time - and a month or so(depending on how they prepare in preseason) of first team reps is a pretty big deal.  If he serves it all, we might catch him at the right time.  He was pretty rusty to start 2014. 

  2. For 2015, however, he won’t do much to narrow the 38-point gap between the Colts and the Patriots.



    I don't understand this mentality at all - from the fans, media, anyone.  We scored 7 points in the game.  With their secondary losses and our offensive additions, in one offseason, they may have gone from being able to lock us down completely to having serious, serious problems trying to cover us.  They have to stop us too. 

  3. Outside of a clutch, 3rd down possession type WR, the offense looks to have it all.  Hopefully, Johnson can take on that role.  But you already had an elite passing game, which may have gotten better.  With no Richardson and the addition of Gore, I'm confident they can run the ball, as they have for the past two years when they handed it to anyone not named Richardson.  You have a good blocking back, and two good receiving RBs.  Then, if it all breaks down, Luck can run the ball.  Pass protection would be the only other issue, but a slightly shorter passing game and a few more dumpoffs to Gore and Boom might do wonders in that department. 


    The defense?  I have no idea.  :)


    But yes, overall I would say they are a better team.

  4. Had it been the same draft with a speedy WR in the 3rd, no one would have cared.  They still primarily drafted defense. 


    Opinions on draft day...  Jerry Hughes was the most popular Colts draft pick of the past 15 years or so - universally praised - while the Reggie Wayne pick was one of the more hated.  The Werner pick was fairly popular as well, as was the Richardson trade.  You see where I'm going with this.  Who knows what will happen. 

  5.   they doubled TY and put their best corner on our #2.  that won't be good enough this season.  


    Not to mention, they no longer have Revis, Talib or Browner. 


    This is the way to beat the Patriots - to outscore them.  The second we stop the run, they'll just dink and dunk us to death over the middle.  Just because they ran all over us, doesn't mean they couldn't also pass on us at will, if they wanted.  I have no faith whatsoever that we could do anything, defensively, within a few drafts to shut down their offense.  They're too good, experienced and clever.  Seattle has one of the best defenses in recent memory, and even though the Patriots turned the ball over twice, they scored 28 against Seattle.  If Seattle needed 31 to beat them, we, for the foreseeable future, will need to score, score, score to beat them.  With our offensive additions and the disintegration of their secondary, we at least have a chance to do so. 

  6. Loading up on weapons is fine.  That is IMO how you beat the Patriots. When we flipped the script and won 5 out of 6 against them, we did it by acquiring and developing more weapons than they could stop.  We now have more weapons.  They now have significantly less talent in their defensive backfield.  That's a good thing.  Gun it and see if they can keep up. 


    That said, the guy is a 1st rounder.  You would hope your first rounder would start out of the gate.  He projects to be a part time player over the next few years. 

  7. Two things are wrong with this post:


    Polian won a SB with that "vision" and got to another one.


    Two, do people not realize the role of a GM?  A GM does not draft players and tell the coach...make this guy work in your scheme.  The coach gives the GM the attributes he thinks for each position, then the coach and the GM sit down and assign a weight to each attribute.  The GM then grades players on each attribute, applies the weight to the attribute grades and comes up with an overall player grade.


    Multiple things are wrong with your post.  First you seemingly give Polian credit for that vision - bringing the Colts to two Super Bowls - then turn around and say it really wasn't his vision anyway.  Which is it?


    Beyond that, the super small, slim lined version of the Indianapolis Tampa 2 differed from what you saw in Tampa or in Chicago with Lovie, and after following it for a decade, I would say, yes, Polian, not Dungy, was the driving force who brought the sleek Indianapolis version to a reality.  There was the Tampa 2, then there was the Indianapolis version of it.


    Finally, I would say the Indianapolis 2, with DTs the size of LBs and LBs the size of DBs, kept us from more Super Bowls than it brought us.  There's a reason that defense is now resting on the ash heap of history. 

  8. Everyone in the world -- aside from Jim Brown, who I can assure you doesn't watch film -- was high on Richardson. And Werner was at one point considered a top five prospect in the 2013 draft.


    That's fine, but was everyone on earth still high on Richardson by the time he was traded to the Colts, or Werner by the time he was drafted?  There's a reason Richardson was traded.  There's a reason why Werner dropped in the draft. 


    And believe it or not, it gets a lot worse than Richardson and Werner.



    It couldn't possibly get much worse than Richardson.  The #3 was spent on him; a first rounder was traded for him.  Sure, you've had complete busts at the top of the draft, but no one turned around and spent a #1 for them following year.  We'll see with Werner.  The guy's a first rounder.  To date, he's a pretty damn big bust for a first rounder. 

  9. The 1999 playoff loss to the Titans needs to be mentioned.  A few years later you were beginning to get somewhat used to the playoff losses, but at that point, the Manning era was fresh and new.  Manning, James and Marv were the new triplets.  The Colts were supposed to be the next great dynasty, and they got to that game and laid an egg.  It was a frustrating game to watch.  They could get nothing going whatsoever. 

  10. should the colts operate like the pats and have pags be head coach and gm? also what about head coach, gm and defensive coach all in one? it has worked for the pats.


    Only two things stand out in my mind about Pagano scouting players.  One, he worked out Werner and loved him.  Two, he was high on Richardson.


    So, no. 

  11. The New England games stick in our minds, but why over the past two years were the Colts blown out by the Cowboys, Steelers, Rams and Cardinals?  Why were they down 24-0 to the Broncos, 4 TDs to the Chiefs?  Pass coverage, mainly.  Can't defend a crossing route.  Can't defend anything over the middle. 


    Do we need better run defense?  Absolutely.  But, when it comes to the Patriots, running the ball, stopping the run, attempting to grind out a win, etc., in my opinion, is not a recipe for success anyway.  For us, it never has been.  Historically, we've succeeded against the Patriots by being aggressive and turning the matchups into shootouts.  Attempting to grind out a win against the Patriots is a losing proposition.  Why?  Because a Bill Belichick team will always make fewer mistakes than your team.  You will make the critical mistake; they won't. 

  12. There's an easy solution to all of this.  Grigson and Chuck,  just put a reasonably balanced team on the field.  It doesn't have to consist of the Steel Curtain on defense, the '93 Cowboy O-line and Walter Payton taking handoffs - just a reasonably balanced team.  I've seen enough of Luck to know that, if you do so, he will win championships. 

  13. I think it is very difficult to build a balanced team in this era. If you look at this year's SB teams you will see unbalance and flaws. Seattle had basically no WRs and an inconsistent pass rush and the Pats had a porous run defense and no deep pass threat. You just hope that the strengths you do have cover the weaknesses. I really don't think the Colts are that far off if they can bolster the defensive front and get better pass covering LBs.


    You're nitpicking though.  Of course every team has flaws, which is why I used the term "reasonably balanced."  This team?  Outside the QB, this was a bad team - bad O-line, historically bad RB, below average defense.

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