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  1. Be a shame if he went to SF or Washington... what do you think he gets? I love that GUY AND WOULD LOVE HIM HERE! Don't think we can afford...
  2. still hasn't popped on twitter that I can see. any one have a link?
  3. http://www.musiccitymiracles.com/2013/7/6/4499168/nfl-supplemental-draft-profile-cb-damond-smith projecting as a FS/SS
  4. the only validity is he has dropped balls... he didnt drop as many as Avery or Hilton last year as they were the 2 worst in the NFL! https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2013/01/21/signature-stats-drop-rate-wide-receivers/ so we all love Hilton... though he setan NFL high drop rate... Avery got a hot new contract even though he had an NFL high drop rate... and DHB gets labeled butter fingers when he plays better than these two... fishy right? DHB is a STUD. we are lucky to have him. I love the guy and am pumped that we have some cash next year cuz it will take a chunk to keep him. I hope
  5. Actives i have Nike: Fleener (home) and a Luck (away, as the fiance has the home) my retireds are: Addai (pro-bowl); collie (away); edge (home); wayne (screen print first jersey ever!) I want a Landry! (got a #laroning tee shirt in the interim) and If we re-ink DHB to more than a year, i want a DHB!
  6. i like it for 2M. if we dont run him into the ground like NYG was doing to punnish Wilson, he will be the AWSOME other half to Ballard in the power run game. can teach ballard better blocking technique. both can pound up the gut. both can catch. the line is vastly improved. we have a lead blocker this season. Add in a speedster when needed/desired and the ball is moving on the ground. we already know the ball was moving through the air. and with an aditional weapon added that gets a bump... AFC is on notice!
  7. DHB Bradshaw will prove their worth this year... Brown will be let go i am sure, so IF Bradshaw works out well with ballard, then we resign, if not... we pull our new stud from draft. WHEN DHB kills it like i forsee, we have our #1, keeping him becomes easier as he will have allegence and knows he is THE guy when Wayne moves on. so paying DHB shouldnt be an issue . replace a wr and rb with a wr and rb.
  8. Luck/H-Beck Bradshaw/Ballard/Brown Wayne/Hilton/DHB Fleener/Allen Beefed up O line this season on O will be epic.
  9. Big. he is here. looking as fit as his personal tweets would have suggested.
  10. looks like DHB81 is making catches. most away from body with his hands. im so pumped for this kid to get a shot with #12! also like seeing Kelley making hand catches. guy looks HUGE! TY looks SOOOOOO comfortable. kid is going to be lights out this year! The line looks huge. both sides. true to the term "big uglies"
  11. no. He is "the Natural Bjorn Killer" they just forgot the 2nd hvlf of the nickname on the article is all. typo.
  12. this photo set also shows VB working 1st team reps with Luck and DB is working with Hasselbeck... observation i like.
  13. i agree. aside from stills including the players left leg to confirm # on shorts, i have no clue who most of these guys are. Aside from the obvious guys with neck beards...
  14. Yes the Pro game is different. The article states "...spent the rest of the game neutralizing future first-round pick Star Lotulelei" (that cat; as most 1st rounders do; will be an NFL starter in NFL future) that bodes well for us. i like him already. Heres to Samson helping him adjust to NFL game speed so he can continue on his path to greatness!
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