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  1. This offense will be pretty exciting if the O-Line plays to their potential. If they create some gaps/holes for Mack and Hines to pop into like they should, teams will finally need to worry about something other than Luck's arm beating them. We will definitely see some big chunk plays and some real game wreckers. Luck should no longer have to do everything on his own.
  2. I am willing to let McDaniels have a chance and would welcome him in. We all screw up, make mistakes and him being with Belichek for the last 5-6 years has probably done him alot of good. He's matured, grown up and is ready to act on lessons learned if given another head coaching opportunity. Pete Carroll was a flop early on but he is now one of the top coaches in the league now. I have nothing against the KC guys and would welcome them in as well but I refuse to disqualify McDaniels as a solid head coach candidate.
  3. I am really hoping Ballard can trade down with his old pal and mentor Dorsey with the Brown's and pick up a draft pick or two and select at 5 or 6. I am all in on drafting Nelson. We have to protect #12 at all costs. Its a lost season without him.
  4. I don't think people realize that the current Revis deal has NO bonuses. Nothing is guaranteed. He can be released or traded at anytime without penalty before a season. So yes, $16 million is a lot, but you get a top 5 corner with 0 future liability. We got the cap room, lets do it. I don't see many takers so it wont take much for draft picks either.
  5. I would not mind giving Nicks a long term deal, I however would mind if there is a lot of fully guaranteed cash in the contract. You cant trust him that much.
  6. So basically if you do not re-structure bonuses for future years and are stingy with guaranteed money, not the actual salary figure, you end up being in a good spot if a guy does not live up to the terms of the contract. Easier to work around that with the new rookie scale for replacements.
  7. Yeah I don't think I would go beyond a 6th or 7th round pick. He would be a great backup.
  8. A conditional 2015 5th rounder if Hill maybe has 600+ yards of offense, otherwise a 6th or maybe 2-7th rounders.
  9. If Martin is released, I would pick him up on a team friendly deal. I think he went to Miami for football and he ended up at what comes across as a crappy high school. He would be a good, quality backup and I think Andrew, Wayne, Mathis, Redding would flock to this guy and push this guy to be better than anything displayed in Miami. I think they would give him the positive encouragement and constructive criticism he needs. People sometimes forget how much of a mental game sports are. I hope the best for Martin and not so much for Jerry, Pouncey and Incognito.
  10. He would be welcomed back, and depending on how old he would be, could make an easy 6 figure deal. Having a non-import starter who can play extremely well in the CFL is in-valuable to teams in that league due to a required Canadian - Import ratio teams must meet.
  11. I honestly don't care about the Incognito thing to be honest. Jeff Ireland should have done his job and thoroughly understand this guy before drafting him so high. What i do care about is how well he can play and his skill. How much do you give up for a backup lineman? Nothing more than a 6th or 7th rounder IMO.
  12. Excellent pick up. Great tackler, plays special teams, has Freeman potential. A little undersized for a 3-4 LB but he is definitely worth a look. The Blue Bombers were a bad team, but he was one of their stars and was able to handle a bad situation and extra playing time quite well.
  13. Signing him and WR Weston Dressler to futures contracts would be wise. Dressler reminds me of TY where he is a small guy but makes some ridiculous, hard catches and deserves a try out and some pre-season action to prove himself. Kory Sheets has been great and he runs the ball hard with some shiftiness as he can make great cuts at the line. He also is a load as he was easily over 205-210 pounds of muscle in his second year in the CFL.
  14. I think that the Colts do need to draft a wide out in the second round. Lots of good receivers in this draft, and elite talent will fall to the second-third round. Colts need somebody who you can have more faith in than Rogers to fill out a WR crew. Rogers should still stick with the team as the #4 or 5 guy. I think Jordan Matthews from Vanderbilt (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3dD3fgfVms) is an option. Not a guy that is hyped up, has good size @ 6'3", good speed for a guy that big, runs good routes, and oh yeah, makes a lot of tough catches as Vanderbilt's QB leaves a bit to be desired.
  15. People are blaming Luck? Really? You show me somebody who blames this on Luck, and I will show you somebody who does not know football, is a troll, and does not understand 1 QB can not carry a team to Championships and Super Bowls. Others must step up.
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