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  1. Hahaha lmao, no problem! I'll be back looking at the scenery as well soon! Lol the holiday is almost over hahaha

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    2. Qwiz


      Gasp!! I can add comments now! Lol I guess I've been reinstated. Yes, just give it a few days and the redhead will arrive in express delivery hahahaha.

    3. southwest1


      Glad to see you back in the Colts Forum fold QuizBoy. I was banished for 24 hours once. It was AWFUL!!! But, it did make me appreciate my friends again. Welcome back buddy!!! Thanks for the speedy redhead delivery service BTW. You're alright in my book QuizBoy. HA! HA!

    4. Qwiz


      haha thanks man. I was banished for 7 sets of 24 hours so I was like dying lol. Glad to be back though! Lol. And P.S., don't be shy to send aforementioned redhead back if she is not to your liking lol.
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