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  1. Hahaha lmao, no problem! I'll be back looking at the scenery as well soon! Lol the holiday is almost over hahaha

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    2. southwest1


      I usually don't release cut redheads like fish back into the river, but there's always a first time I guess. If I send her back upstream, I'll let you know okay. Just Kidding!!! My banishment resulted from a blogger attacking my friend for no good reason. It was worth it. I have your back too QB BTW, not that you need any backup of course. Nice to see you back!!!

    3. Qwiz


      haha I got your back too bud. I guess I'll be checking the river for a few weeks lol.
    4. southwest1


      If I do sent her back upstream in a few weeks, I will send up some penicillin too just in case it rains & she needs penicillin. Only teasing of course.

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