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  1. Whatever dude..."some if you are spoiled"..there u go..
  2. I cant belive some of you guys...im in no way happy with the loss or the way we played...but some of you are running down the whole organization from irsay down to the gatorade guy(ok so I embellish a lil)...you guys are writing off the whole season after just one game...its obivious this is may be some if you guys first bad season...should have been here in 91 and 97 now they were bad season and those were two really inept coaching staffs...its the first week...chill out instead of crying and moaning focus on cleveland..dont give up on "our" team so quick
  3. Anyone who questions polian should remeber 1984 thru 1993...(tobin did some good for us)..love irsay as an owner but as gm no....polian brought bills back to prominent franchise(and they havent been close since they fired him)..and he has built the colts to one of the most respected franchises in the nfl....we used to be along with the bucs and the patriots and cardinals the laughingstock of the league
  4. Tj is pretty good route runner ..and steve largent proved for years that s long as you fun good routes it doesnt matter how fast u are. ...so im not against us bringing anyone that will help us reach and win the super bowl
  5. I live here in tn....its kinda a weird rivalry here..lots of people who are titans fans will tell you they root for the colts when they dont play titans...dont know if you have divison rivals like that anywhere else....peyton is the man here
  6. Look moala is coming into his third year.ithink many of us can agree he improved a lot last year.plus he wasnt drafted to be warren sapp..he was drafted for the booker role..he was a monster playing the run at usc..plus hes got that samoan strength ...u watch with nevis and harris as our "sapp" role moala will be our run plug...and besides size isnt whats important most 3-4 nt are huge but that doesnt make them good.I belive jay ratliff of dallas is the smallest 3-4 nt but hes also one of the best..know we play 4-3..just saying
  7. While I woudnt mind waters bieng a colt..think about this real quick..we have wha 7 mil?...colts have already said wayne,mathis are priority to resign but what if one or two or by the football gods blessing all three of the def fa signings have a really good year for us..sims is 26,anderson 25,and harris isnt even 30 yet...so it would be nice if polian(s) wanted to extend one or possibly two during season so they woulndt just be one and done..
  8. First I think gene huey got shafted..yes howard mudd is a good oline coach..but I also think he was somewhat at fault for running game woes..mudd does not like working witn highly drafted players.he prefers lower round and undrafted fa..I thinl a lack of run blocking talent from some of these guys was and is problem..sometimes mudd could be right(jake scott for one)..but look at ugoh and pollack they did/are not doing squat on par with where they were picked..tarik glenn and adam meadows were picked before mudd goy here..and I think before ugoh/pollack the highest we drafted a lineman under mu
  9. Yeah I know ..but I wadnt alive to see mackey,unitas berry,lenny moore,jim parker,bubba smith,art donovan,ordell brasse,gino marchetti,mike curtis,bobby boyd,bruce laird,bert jones,lydell mitchell play...if raymond berry is your favorite wr then put him on YOUR list..I said not the most talented or the greatest but your personal favorite
  10. And I am not a relativly new fan....u think some of these new fans know who the heck im talking about with names like duane bickett,ray donaldson,mikr prior etc....ive had to endure the 91 1-15season,trading for fredd young,trading andre rison&chris hinton,shane curry's murder,letting goose,ray,and ambrose leave,drafting sean dawkins,not resigning marchibroda ovet hiring lindy Infante.and those are just off the top of my head..if we were comparing all our war wounds here I belive i ve been thru some bad times with this team...long before they were the model of success they have become
  11. I said your favorite at the position...faulk was excellent rb(hof obviously)but he wasnt my favotite.not even close to it....also I meant just indy ..not that I dont respect the baltimore lineage...we all have players we like while other fans don't I wasnt going by what we would say is the all time greatest colt team...
  12. Who is your favorite by position ,not who was more talanted or better but your choice Heres mine Qb-manning(best ever),jim harbaugh(older fans just have that special place for captain comeback) Paul justin(always thought he was a tough backup) Rb-edge(greatest"indy"back ever,albert bentley(he was awesome reciving back)rodney culver(even like him in sandiego hate how he and his wife passed) Fb-ain't many...zach crockett(95wildcard vs chargers enough said)roosvelt potts(boy could hey lower his shoulder onto a defender) 3rd down rb-anthony johnson (I admit I just wanted to put him on my list but
  13. Sportswriters always make a big deal about ray buchannan..but I thought ashley ambrose was better and the bigger loss..
  14. Instead of a top ten maybe we should do it by positions...
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