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  1. Absolutely agree. Even if Kupe was effective, which he was not, he should have sat out. We had a backup who started to play well. I don't understand their thinking at all. And now Clady... This article hints that he'll be out a long time. I wonder how this affects the contract negotiation. I think the odds of Clady getting franchised just got a little higher.
  2. You can't let this go, can you? Well, hindsight is 20/20. Elway has been giving a lot of interviews this week and he finally admitted that going with Peyton was a risk. Given that, I understand the Osweiler move. I know you and I are not eye-to-eye on this issue ;) Thanks for the free agency articles. I will read them at lunch time.
  3. Every corner gets beaten sometimes. And AJ Green is a great player, and it's challenging to stop him for everyone. It also can be a product of not having good pass rush. Bengal's O line is pretty good. But yeah, you are making me worried. I know he is not going to play forever. We need to have a back-up plan. I just don't think it's Revis given the money he's going to get paid.
  4. Another concern I have for Revis is chemistry. I don't know what kind of guy Revis is, but I'd be real careful about bringing in new high-price free agents. The locker room chemistry was very good this season, and the leadership of Champ and Peyton had a lot to do with it. I just don't see him being part of our solution. Like I said, Champ played really well aside from the horrible game. I honestly don't know what to make of it. It's possible he will decline dramatically next season. It's happened before. But I also don't think we should overreact. I figure getting a young player is far mor
  5. Good question. I don't want to overreact to that one game Champ played poorly this year. He was great for the most part. And Chris Harris emerged as a great young starter. I feel that Revis is probably not the right answer. He is going to want a lot of money, which will give us much less flexibility in the future. Also worried about his knee. I would much rather find another Chris Harris. We have a reasonable amount of money but we have to resign Clady and he is going to be expensive. I would rather draft a corner and move Champ to safety if necessary. I think we can win with this team pretty
  6. Thanks for the read. I cannot remember 1996 off season very much, but I didn't think Darrien Gordon was very good. I've heard many times from Elway that his strategy is to build the team through the draft. Our priority should be signing our own free agents and shore up the defense through the draft. That's what I think anyway.
  7. Yeah, my feeling at the beginningn of the game was that they looked really tight. I think they put a lot of pressure on themeslves. Then when a lot of things we counted on didn't work (pass rush, pass protection, Champ), they didn't adjust quickly enough. Even so, we were one freakish play away from winning the game. I kept thinking it's 1996 all over again.
  8. It was not only useless but probably harmful. I really hope AFC west would be stronger next season. It really didn't help us to beat on the *s.
  9. Yeah, we were relatively lucky with injury department this season. I should stop expecting them to win it all and just appreciate each moment.
  10. Given how confident I was, and really all of Denver was, it's not surprising how it turned out in hindsight. I know they did their hardest not to buy the hype, but it was not possible. It was heartbreaking to hear that Joel left the field in tears and Von was unable to move in the locker room for full 30 min. I really believe in this team. With a few tweaks around the edges, they will be great. We have money and direction. And this pain will be a good thing ultimately.
  11. I'm still hanging onto Brock Osweiler hope I hear Peyton has him under his wings. But if Peyton really lasts 3-4 more years, we will probably lose him, and that's okay by me.
  12. You know Stepfan pretty well, don't you? I agree with you. He does everything pretty well esp pass protection. I would love to have him in Broncos uniform if the price is right. He's also a high mileage back. He never wows you with his sheer abilities but he will be hardworking and reliable.
  13. Wow, poor Kuper. I feel for him esp after the last season's horrible injury. He really struggled in the game as did Clady who will miss Pro Bowl with (real) shoulder injury. Now I know why. We even missed Manny. I hope he can recover fully. He is a very good player and we need him back strong for the next season.
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