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  1. They have been doing this all season! No need to stop now! Hope they are dancing in the locker room next week to!
  2. It was the right call the ball had clearly moved before the knee touched.
  3. Luck probably could've scored but at what cost. I myself was so happy to see him avoid the contact. The commentator acted like he should've went for the score. Has that guy been living in the closet the past two years.
  4. I hope he can stay healthy. I really enjoy watching him play. He seems to have vision good and patience with the burst of speed to take to the house .
  5. I think the wr gave up on the play may have even went out of bounds. Had he continued he would have been in position to make a play. I agree 3 points can be the difference in a win or lose but settling on field goals isn't a winning formula in my book either!
  6. The receiver stopped. I agree he forced it but the receiver gave up on the play and didn't even fight to break it up!
  7. Pacman wasn't in the wrong at all ,dude came at him first and assaulted him. Doesn't make a difference what has been said whole different ball game when you start putting your hands on someone!
  8. not unhappy everything is good i just thought 20 post was a lil much thats all it has to be some kind of rules and i understand

  9. Sorry you are unhappy. We are just trying this new rule out to address a high volume of posts from new members that did not follow the site rules.

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