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  1. That is a good point, and is why I think that a deal like this might actually be possible, and work for both teams. I am not sure I trust Claiborne at all, but I definitely think he is worth a shot. I also think he has significant upside, and we need all of the help we can get in a secondary that was torched last year. Finally, while I agree that Toler can play (which is why Dallas could potentially consider this fictional deal), I definitely do not trust his ability to stay healthy. Ultimately, a speculative trade like this could only go down if both sides see a potential gain and if needs
  2. Funny you should say that, as Sheppard was acquired for Jerry Hughes (former 1st rd pick). Just saying. And Toler can actually play when he is healthy. So it is not, IMO, an outlandish suggestion that both players might be seen by Dallas to offer some value in return for a player who has definitely NOT lived up to expectations, and who is seen by many as a bust.
  3. The Cowboys need an ILB with Lee done for the year, and currently have no capable in-house candidates, meaning they are likely to wait for the first round of cuts to pick up a free agent, or try to swing a deal for a player that provides a fit for the year. As we are fairly stacked at ILB (IMO), what about this? To Dallas: ILB Kelvin Sheppard CB Greg Toler To Indy: CB Morris Claiborne Dallas has not been happy with the health or play of Claiborne, who has been a bust to this point. Sometimes all these "busts" need is a fresh start and a new set of eyes evaluating and
  4. Yeah, best deal is part of it, but this is a smart kid, and he and his agent likely also took opportunity into consideration. The Colts have a much bigger hole at ILB than the Pats, and thus a much better opportunity for playing time, and a second, more lucrative contract. That and the fact that Grigson and the Colts have a track record developing former CFL talent likely meant just as much if not more than the dollars, which were probably close. Having seen this kid play live many times (against admittedly lesser talent) I think he is perfect for the Colts. He has some development to do
  5. The Colts are trying to sign former CFL #1 pick LB Hec Muamba! The Winnipeg Bluebombers just freed him to sign with an NFL team. This guy has HUGE potential! He played Canadian university football in my hometown at STFX, and was a stud! He would be a great add across from Freeman. Get this guy Grigson! I have seen him play many times, and he has big time upside. Athletic, fast, smart and big - not to mention a great kid who would fit in very well with the Colts. Mark my words - this would be a great signing! Do NOT lose him to the Patriots or the Vikings - the other two teams chasing h
  6. I know we signed Cherilus to a big deal at RT, and we have Costonzo at LT, but if we could sign Smith to a good deal, might we slide Cherilus to guard, a big position of need for us? Talent is talent, and a Cherilus/Smith right side would do wonders for the running game, and for Luck's time in the pocket and pass/run options. Seems like Smith is unlikely to sign with Cincy - aside from Linkenbach, we have no depth at either tackle position, so if Grigs could somehow pull it off, I think it would hugely benefit the offense. Thoughts?
  7. DHB is a perfect buy low for Grigson - he replaces Avery, and is in fact an upgrade - younger, faster, taller, more upside. He would not be burdened with unrealistic expectations as a starter, but would be a great #3 Wr to stretch the field, contributing the occasional big play and opening things up for Wayne,who is no burner anymore, if he ever was. Add to the fact that Wayne can teach DHB a thing or ten about how to be a pro, and that wunderkund Andrew Luck will be throwing him the ball ... we have a perfect landing spot for the former #7 overall pick! This may not be a "wopper", but wou
  8. I agree 100%! MacLin is young, talented, and a perfect fit for the Colts and Luck. Grigs knows him well, and he would make a perfect #2 WR in Indy, with #1 WR potential when Reggie hangs up the cleats if not before. MacLin for a 3rd? Get er done Grigs!
  9. Now of course, it depends on what they give up - I don't want to see a 1st rd pick go out the door, but a roster player - perhaps a guy like angerer who has talent but does not really fit the scheme - that would work
  10. For exactly the reasons I stated in the post - young talented #2 WR is just what Luck needs with Reggie getting older and TY talented but not yet fully developed.
  11. MacLin would be a GREAT add with Luck throwing to him. He is EXACTLY what the colts need at WR, and would bring a Marvin Harrison type skill-set to the Colts WR corps. (Not saying he is Marvin, but he does have the speed, hands and smarts to make a wicked #2 WR - paired with Reggie and with TY in the slot, Luck would have a full arsenal to play with at WR. Not that this talent was always on display with the inaccurate Vick and the rookie Foles - but I think it is there. I really hope it is Maclin that Irsay and Grigs are targeting! PLEASE NOT KEVIN WALTER!!!!
  12. Grigson must see something in Walden that no-one else does - if he is right, he is a genuis. If he is wrong, well then he made a mistake. According to PFF, he is a poorly thought of player though coming off a 750,000 salary - was anone else actually willing to pay anything CLOSE to what the Colts signed him for? 4 mil a year for 4 seems awfully big for a player with his resume. I like the Cherilus signing, as well as Toler (upside), Sidbury (underutilized in ATL) and Thomas (valuable and versatile) - so 4 out of 5 is not bad. I would like to see Avril and Landry added to the mix.
  13. I would like those signings, and really hope that the Colts do NOT sign Kruger if the cost exceeds 9 million per season - I THINK that Grigson is too shrewd to do that, although Pagano may be pushing for him. I think that there are options that are just as good (such as Michael Bennett) that will cost far less, and allow us to address the area of greatest need, the O-line. Luck is out future and present - we need to protect him at all costs. Sign Long, and one of Levitre or Vasquez, plus Cason at CB, and a 2nd tier pass rusher - but KEEP LUCK UPRIGHT! Kruger is too unproven, and too one d
  14. I liked the possiBILLity that Bills CB Leodis McKelvin might be had in a trade, but their release of Florence would seem to put a hold on that. Still, one never knows, and God knows we need to explore options to upgrade at the CB position having failed to address this need in the draft.
  15. Karim can definitely help the return game and contribute as a backup in the backfield. Remember that RB's take more abuse than almost any other position - you can never have enough good ones. Brown is talented but may not be a fit in the new power scheme, the rookie is a rookie, and Carter failed to impress last year, showing less power than advertised and a fumbling problem. Can't see how adding another option in training camp is anything but good!
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