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  1. I will not home during my round 7 pick. I will be spending the day with my grandkids and wont be home till late evening. 

    Go ahead and make my pick for me. The BPA will be fine. I don't want to hold up the draft.  

                                                             Thanks, Kenny

  2. I would be willing to take another team if it comes down to filling out the league. 

    I know it's pretty early but just giving you a heads up I am open to it. 

    1. csmopar


      Awesome, Thanks!  I'll likely wait until after the Superbowl to open that up. More people tend to come online about that time

  3. Could you sent me the league ID for our league in NFL.com. 

     I didn't make the live draft due to an emergency in the family.  I guess I will go see what a mess I have? :D

  4. I made that comment quite a time ago. It was made Feb. 2016. It was not meant to be a shot at all. I ask the question out of curiosity and explained it as so.

    The only reason it came to your attention now is because of King Colt and his attempt to harass me. I have put him on ignore as to curb anymore problems.

    I did not appreciate his remark about sucking it up in regards to my grandson's life changing concussion issues.

    He has since made two more disparaging remarks to me after I ask him not to bother himself with commenting to me.

    Hopefully he will just leave me alone in his insulting attitude.

    1. Nadine


      my apologies, nobody should take shots like that

  5. Thanks for the kind words. Yeah I got kicked down but managed to get back up so it's all good.

    I feel fortunate not to have more severe issues that could have been but we play the cards we are dealt.


    1. southwest1


      No problem CC1. Yeah, there's always a period of adjustment after an event like that with diet, exercise, & a new approach to life in general. 


      I admire your positive outlook/perspective. I hope you had a ton of family & friends around you for moral support & humor if nothing else. 


      Cool. Just remember to take it easy, pace yourself, & get back to your routine slowly & gradually. Rome wasn't built in a day & recovery takes time. 

  6. If you get the time check out a singer named Cody Jinks. He is outlaw country at some of it's finest for a newer artist. I hear Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard and some of the other greats in his music and voice. One of a kind. Hippies and Cowboys, Words and Loud and Heavy are a few of his better songs. I picked him up on Spotify.

    1. southwest1


      Thanks for your Cody Jinks recommendation CC1. That's high praise mentioning the forefathers of country there. I'll check him out later today probably on iTunes. 

  7. Got you covered! lol

  8. Even if what I said was true??  I know, just funning you a little.

  9. Thanks J S. I have put this guy on ignore because he refuses to comprehend what you are trying to tell him. I know I get cranky at times but as always it never turns personal. It is different with him. I have no explanation for his ability to make it appear he thinks is smarter or more informed as the rest of us. Maybe it's just me but I am not too sure.

  10. I don't mean this as disrespectful but did it ever cross your mind that your long winded mini books you write about facts after facts after facts pushing you point of views gets tiresome and boring? We have bumped heads a couple of times but we have also had some pretty good debates over a pretty long period of time. That I hope to continues but your ability to * people off is pretty similar to mine. When you feel slighted you throw numbers out and call them facts to prove your point like this is a competition. My fault is I am strong opinionated and get flack when I don't budge off my opinions. Sometimes a simple yes or no works just fine without a full blown novel?  Not everyone has the same opinions or points of views. That don't make it a bad thing either. Maybe we both can lighten up a little?

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    2. BrentMc11


      Two good posters.....and friends.  You are both good people. :)

    3. NFLfan


      @NewColtsFan I appreciate your posts very much. I learn a lot from all that you share. Keep up the good work. :hat:

    4. southwest1


      I agree completely with BrentMc11 & NFLfan. I always enjoy reading whatever CC1 & NCF write because I always learn something positive from them & neither person mentioned holds any grudges & they don't take differences of opinion personally to heart. 


      BrentMc11 & NFLfan are nice people too & darn good writers themselves. I think so anyway. 

  11. finish your comment. I know exactly what you meant but some will make an issue........

  12.  Out Of Bounds--- Are we going to be able to have any players we can keep. I know when we started this was a keeper league. What are the plans for that?

  13. I listed the web site that showed what I commented on. I really don't know how to pull up a link and transfer into the forum. I would be happy to do that if you could sent me the information as to how to do that. Being called a liar is pretty insulting IMO.

  14. Thank you Barry. You said what I was too aggravated to try to explain over and over. Your patience is much better.

    1. bayone


      My Pleasure My Friend

    2. bayone


      PS his persistent questioning was down right obnoxious & its commentators like that that have caused me to stop commenting before, i just dont want to bother with back & forth needless banter

  15. If you are interested I ran across this guy that was referred to me by a friend. His name is Saad Salman. He is on facebook and I think you would find him a very interesting fellow. He is an ex Muslim who tells it like it is IMO. Very political but truthful in a lot of ways. He has become very patriotic and touches on a lot of what's wrong with this country. We could all learn a little from this guy I think. Let me know in PM as this is was too political for the forum. Best regards, Kenny

  16. Hi Berry, My comment was directed at Silent Hill to be more of a sarcastic comment in regards to his never ending negativity. Sorry if I wasn't clear in that regards. On a side note, It's good to see you making a few more comments. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say. Best wishes, Kenny

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Unfortunately there is always going to be negativity on any sports site you chat in. I am always GHF when it comes to the Colts. Since 2003 we have only had 2 seasons where we didn't win 11 games or make the Playoffs + we have a Ring so I just take the bad with the good.

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      *3 seasons actually where we didn't win at least 11 or more. We won 10 in 2010 but still made the Playoffs. Only in 2011 and last season we didn't make the Playoffs over that time span since 2003.

    4. bayone


      hell of a great run, how many reams would love to have it

  17. I have no problem and lets keep moving along. It just annoying to read all the negative things over and over in every thread. I may over react but it is not with the intention of making a riff.

    1. gnet550


      I'm done man...there were at least 5 other people who said bad signing...etc..but since I mention areas of need I am bashed? You just lost a poster...not mad and honestly hope God blesses you in your life man

  18. Thank you very much. At least a few gets my meaning. I guess I need to quit whining about their whining?   :D

  19. I just want to say I am sorry for this. I guess when passion and fandom take over things get heated. I have always said the fan is short for fanatic and I guess I am no different.

  20. :sip:Don't fall into the nonsense and it's members traps.

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