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  1. He is hurt all the time. Style means nothing when he's off the field 40% of the time
  2. colts r gonna win and then win the SB. Theres a team every few yrs that gets red hot come playoff time. This yr its the Colts.
  3. Moncrief didnt do much to stop the int's. I think Luck probably told them to go up and get the ball and they let the Broncos get it instead. The announcer said as much after the second one that Moncrief looked like he had no intentions of going for the ball. The first one stunk they got a field goal and really could have got going off of that one.
  4. rittdk01

    the mvp race

    Watt is the best defensive player but obviously one defensive player cant help the team as much as a QB or Running back can. Thats y defense almost never wins the heisman or MVP. Cowboys running back most def is the MVP.
  5. He will play next year I think. Even the players dont know when its over sometimes. Not that it is for Peyton but Favre was really good and came back for one last season and was horrible. Heck Jeff Saturday did the same as a center and couldnt finish his last season. Snap your fingers thats how quickly the light goes out in the NFL. Baseball and basketball it seems to be a several yr slide football it happens much more quickly. I think Tony Romo might retire after this season though. I think he should if he has to take pain killer shots to be propped up before every game. Wow isnt that like the 1980's all over again? Scary to imagine Romos health when hes 45.
  6. only thing that matters is getting hot for four games after the season. Hopefully the Colts are looking to peak at the right time this year. They do have stretches of games where they play really bad and stretches where they are unstoppable. I think they r getting the bad games out of their system before the playoffs. Lets hope anyway.
  7. Calm down buddy even IF it was deliberate he tripped him the other guy flying in the screen broke his leg. So he intentionally tripped him......WOW.
  8. Another #1 pick derailed by injuries. I didn't expect anything out of Clowney after seeing him in college but didnt think he would have this many health problems. Epic BUST
  9. They were pretty great against the Skins last week.
  10. Yeah hes been horrible since he hurt his arm. He should tell the Colts to replace him if he cant play at an NFL level.
  11. Whats Brady get paid again? Ultimate team player. There's a reason y those guys are so good yr after yr.
  12. mid season game not the playoffs.
  13. Those are some pathetic people. Calling her dad the f word is as low as u go. Nameless losers that need lives.
  14. Teams remember that stuff. Remember USC Stanford Carroll vs Harbaugh? Carroll vs. Luck? Also I dont really want Luck throwing and taking hits against a team that is already frustrated and embarrassed. And FYI THERE WAS NO CHANCE.
  15. Halfway through the season I think I could have lived with Peyton winning. Too early to start thinking about seeding in the playoffs. Anyway Manning will probably beat Brady in January again : )
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