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  1. Owen Daniels looks soooo slow. I always thought he was underrated when he was with the Texans. He looks completely washed up now.
  2. Did the Broncos actually score a rushing TD, or am I just dreaming?
  3. Seattle or Detroit. I think GreenBay misses out on the playoffs.
  4. If I had to win a game tomorrow and I can take any RB, I'm taking Sproles. He can run the ball, he can run routes and catch, and he can devastate teams on special teams. And for those saying you have to be the best RB on your own team, Sproles is better than McCoy right now. McCoy just hasn't been the same guy he was last year. If we're saying that Sproles is purely the RB and can't play special teams, then I'd take Charles over him, but that's it. Murray is good, but he's been playing behind a dominant o-line all year and teams have to respect Romo and Bryant.
  5. Reportedly, Bowman might be out for the year too. His recovery isn't going so well...
  6. I'm probably in the minority, but I think teams give QBs too much time. I don't think it's that hard to evaluate whether a guy can play or not. By the end of season two, you should have a clear idea of whether your QB can legitimately get it done for you. If you think about it, in the last twenty years, has any QB ever come back to haunt their team after being released and joining a new team? We all know who the really good QBs are, and these guys don't get let go in the first place. The only time you see it happen is when the QB has an injury and the team believes they have a great young
  7. 27-0 game. 8 sacks for the Eagles, put up 450 yards, and limited giants to 250.
  8. Giants game was pretty dominant too.
  9. Serious question: Does a 6-10 team win the NFC South this year...
  10. He wanted to make a statement. We're talking about bad Foles and bad Sanchez, and he got annoyed. Newton: "What about me guys!? I have a pretty bad side myself!"
  11. And that was the bad Sanchez I was talking about lol. And I don't see the Cowboys as a huge threat. I'd take the Eagles over them in both games. Their running game is great but I think the Eagles can limit it. And the Cowboys don't have an answer for the Eagles uptempo attack.
  12. I watched every eagles game, including preseason, so he's meeting my expectations lol. I see him doing the exact same things as Foles. Even last week, had some great drives but also two awful turnovers (one was a whacky INT but there was also a complete drop of an INT, so it evens out). But that's okay, at least that means the qb production will be consistent. If the Eagles can win next week, I think they'll go to the Superbowl. Their o-line is only getting healthier. Their special teams is phenomenal, and their defense can hold up vs any qb not-named Luck, Rodgers, Brady, or Peyton.
  13. Eh, I wouldn't say that. Foles has had some great drives all year (that's why he has a bunch of 300 and 400 yard games). His problem, and Sanchez's as well, is the turnovers. Still plenty of time left for Sanchez to turn it over.
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