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  1. All three of these guys could definitely be available in the 2nd or maybe even in the 3rd round. Our ILB depth definitely needs help and I feel as though Grigson will look towards filling these spots early in the draft. If this were the case which of these three would you rather have?


    Idk why but Im drawn to Skrov. Watched him a lot at Stanford, kid was a monster. Really liked his motor.






    Go colts.

  2. I believe this sort of thread is against the rules, but I'm not sure. Unfortunately the only thing I can tell you is that the colts.com website streams Bob Lamey's audio coverage of the game, and that's always entertaining. Good luck!

    Oh if it is i wasnt aware but thanks for the idea of the audio coverage!

  3. I watched some tape and just based on the visual i came out with three guys we would do fine in taking and three guys i see as potential let-downs. There are obviously more but these are just some that caught my eye. So here goes....





    Tank Carradine

    - The guy just explodes through the line and would help us dearly with some much needed pass rush


    D.J. Hayden

    - If you watch him you'll see a guy who flies around the field and doesn't miss tackles. He's instinctive in pass coverage and knows how to get after the ball. What i really liked about him is his character. After nearly dying, he looks like he's on a mission to prove everyone who doubted him wrong. 


    Robert Woods

    - He's tough and physical. He doesn't shy away from contact and he doesn't fear going over the middle like other receivers. He's got all the traits Reggie Wayne has. He understands how to play the position. He can play outside or slot and even has punt return ability. He has the whole package as a receiver because he can be explosive with the ball in his hands and at the same time be the possession receiver every quarterback needs.





    Datone Jones

    -At first sight he looks like a big guy who will clog up the lane and disrupt blocking assignments. But to me thats his ceiling. He's average at pass rushing and very slow. He can be easily stood up and pushed back by more skilled line men. Solid player? Absolutely. 24th pick? No.


    Xavier Rhodes

    -Im gonna get a lot of heat for this one. But honestly I saw nothing special in him. He's solid in coverage but won't make too many plays on the ball. He won't create too many turnovers. Just look at his stats from last year for proof. He misses tackles often, something that has been a problem in our defense already for the past few years. 


    Bjoern Werner

    -Like Carradine this guy is very explosive off the line. Unlike Carradine, he has no motor and disappears during long stretches of the game. The explosive highlights you see of him? They happen about four times during the entire game. He lacks motor when pursuing ball carriers especially. 



    So your thoughts? This is just my opinion so I would love to hear who else should be added to this list...


  4. Round 1 (Pick 24): Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia




    Round 3 (Pick 86): Terrence Williams, WR, Baylor OR Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee 




    Round 4 (Pick 121): Travis Frederick, C, Wisconsin




    Round 6 (Pick 192): Sam Montgomery, DE, LSU




    Round 7 (Pick 230): Sam Brenner, OG, Utah




    Round 7 (Pick 245): Bruce Taylor, ILB, Virginia Tech




    In my opinion this makes us a much better team and adds depth at the correct position which needed to be addressed. Thoughts?




  5. We have Vontae Davis. He had a great game today.

    But listen to this ......

    In the draft last April we chose Coby Fleener. I still think to this day that was a huge miss. We should have taken Janoris Jenkins. We had him right there. We still would have gotten Dwayne Allen in the 3rd round. Coby has disappointed. He's inconsistent. He's injury prone. Janoris has been a ball hawk this season. He's scored a touchdown in each of the last 3 games.

    We should have drafted him. Him and Vontae Davis would easily give us a top 5 to 10 CB tandem.

  6. Okay so my WRs are Reggie Wayne, Vincent Jackson, Eric Decker, Donnie Avery, and TY Hilton

    I can only start 3.

    The most obvious and safe option would be Wayne, Jackson, and Decker.

    But for some reason i have the urge to start Hilton. Seems like he's going to have another big game. He's scored 37 points in two weeks and iv had him on the bench.

    Who do i start?

  7. I didn't watch the game, so i wouldn't know how powers ''looked'' but every time i looked at an update one my phone the past two weeks its always "Michael Jenkins 11 yard catch, tackled by Powers" or "Brandon Marshall 15 yard catch, tackled by powers" so it always seems like he's giving up a catch and first down. I hope its not that way though.

  8. I honestly think this kid has the clutch gene. He led us down the field in the Chicago game before halftime, before halftime today, and at end of regulation today. If there was one flaw to Peyton's game, its that he wasn't THAT good in high pressure situations when they needed to win a game. I always remember him throwing a pick. I think Andrew Luck will be much better in that department.

  9. After watching Andrew Luck rip the Rams and our defense play relatively better than was expected, are any of you thinking differently about the regular season?

    Before today's game I had us at 5 wins, but after seeing how well we played (even if it was against the Rams) I have us winning 9-10 games. I mean c'mon. Our defense seems to be on great pace, and we don't even need to worry about our offense.

    Your thoughts?

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