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  1. I like delano Howell tho.
  2. So what he was still held in check by his standards in week 17 by mcglynn and justice.
  3. Watt trumps luck yet he was held to zero sacks week 17 against our below average at the very best line? He's good but luck is definitely #1
  4. Amari cooper is a beast he's like hakeem nicks without the injuries
  5. I don't know if this would be possible at all but since jairus byrd is in a contract dispute we trade bethea and a 3rd for him
  6. Do you know what game garcon did that becuz I really want to see it now?
  7. Idk maybe then we could package than up and next years 1st too to get clowney or lee
  8. I think of two hakeem nicks and victor Cruz
  9. My bad I thought u were talking about the sf wr
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