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  1. I am so proud to be a Colts fan because of the people that represent this team. Reggie is/was/and will always be a class act. Heartbroken that he wont be part of our next ring, Only other player I ever shed a tear when they left was Peyton. Great players, but above all, great men and role models. It's not "thank us" it is than you Reggie, I will never forget that TD in SB after Hester returned that kick for a TD. Set the tone and was always there in the biggest games. Took this team on his back in Andrew's first year, we wouldnt be where we are right now without him. It almost feels wron
  2. It was an amazing catch, but the reason he doesn't get more chances is he is not open enough. He is on the field a lot, but ball goes to other players. His route running needs some work, but for sure he has potential.
  3. No thanks, regardless of the things Incognito said, Martin seems to have some sort of problems. The stories that have come out since all this happened and the Dolphins team backing Incognito I think his texts/messages have been taken out of context. The Dolphins line was awful with Martin, he is too soft IMO
  4. Yeah good D, but there were a couple games like the NO game that was on Brady elevating and undrafted rookie to hero status.
  5. I put Reggie staying on Chuck, for me it is for sure the Vontae Davis trade. Though the Landry signing could end up being just as big down the road.
  6. Peyton would have to do something dramatic in the 2nd half to not win the MVP, though I think Brady being 6-2 with that team is more impressive. Stats don't always equate to "MVP", that's what offensive POY is for. What they are doing in New England is shocking with that roster.
  7. 14 years, comeback after comeback. The Tampa Monday night game, against NE in the playoffs... A HoF coach going for it 4th and 2 in their own end because he knows his defense can't stop you in a 2 minute drill. Luck is great, and I love having him but let's get serious guys he's got a bit of a ways to go before he is elevated to that kind of status. 2nd year players cannot be in the same category as HoF players like Peyton, Brady, Brees etc. He will get there in time and I will enjoy watching every moment of it, but he is not there yet.
  8. My eyes welled up pretty good when he took his helmet off, but overall I hated it and wished we never played him. I miss Peyton and wish he would have been a Colt for life. Seeing him play every week for another team wasn't bothering me until last week when it was against us. That's when it really set in for me. Don't get me wrong I am a super Luck fan, love this kid and can't wait to watch him every week. But Peyton will always have his place, and just because I'm happy with Andrew doesn't make the face of this franchise playing for another team any more comfortable for me, and by the soun
  9. WR is not a position you can add mid year and expect results. Any new WR would be well behind anyone on this roster, losing Reggie sucks but it's next man up and I think we will be okay. The defense has been good and will have to stay good and even be better for this team to contend, and a new WR won't change that.
  10. Amazing the difference Landry makes to this team, we have not seen a Safety have that kind of impact since 21 left town. He is so fast and hits so hard, if he stays healthy look out!
  11. No, I don't think they go off of the stats alone, but they are factored for sure along with game tape. Ive watched every game and it does not take a punting genius to see that this is not his best season. We have not been punting from the 40 every punt as you can see, http://espn.go.com/nfl/player/splits/_/id/12689/pat-mcafee I'm not saying hes a bad punter, just saying hes not playing as well as he could and that punt in the 4th qtr. really hurt. Obviously 6 games doesnt make a season and I'm sure he will be fine.
  12. The stats may not be perfect, but these are the same stats these guys use to get paid so they must have some relevance. He has had only 4 punts returned for a total of 43 yards. Cant blame the other 17 on the coverage.
  13. He's having a bad year, he is near bottom in every stat among punters his 38.5 net avg. is terrible. He has to improve dramatically , that 4th qtr punt was awful in a clutch situation and it cost us a FG when we could least afford it. I know hes a popular player but be real, hes having a bad year.
  14. Toler was the bad, Davis played well I thought. Losing Freeman and having Angerer on Woodhead killed us.
  15. No one can know for sure the assignments but the coaches and players, But that looked all on Howell, he should have been over the top but he broke on (I think it was Gates) running an out, and hung Vontae out to dry.
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