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  1. Just ride boom herron, since boom had those big runs in garbage time which means he is obviously ready to take the next step.. right?! RIGHT?!
  2. Someone enlighten me, how we can sign a big name wr in free agency when we need to pay vontae and bethea among others? Unless you see one or both walking or perhaps I am missing something?
  3. Luck, Costanzo, Freeman, Mathis, and Davis I can see, but not really the others. Anyway before someone else say it, it won't matter since we will be in the superbowl!
  4. They did cut him, but I don't think they gave him much of a chance either. He started out on the bottom of the depth chart, and was only targeted twice in both games he played in I think. One was for a td. Maybe being cut woke him up? I dunno, just saying it's worth a shot his scouting repots said that he was a good blocker and had reliable hands.
  5. For anyone that doesn't know about Da'Rick the kid has skills. The reason he wasn't drafted in the 1st round is because he failed 3 drug tests at Tennessee and was suspended. He then transfered to Tennessee Tech, he had a game in 2012 where he was over 300yds as a wr. I wanna say he was around 1k yds and 10 tds there that season. It's on record that he passed over 10 drug tests w/ Tennesee Tech during that season. Also in the combine he was one of the top 5 performers in multiple categories... cone drill, shuttle, vert jump, long jump etc.. I think he ran somewhere around 4.5 or so and that wa
  6. I have faith in Trent, especially when multiple websites tell just how many guys meet him in the backfield a game. I know Donald is hitting some holes pretty good as well this year but this is his 4th or 5th year isn't it? Up until this last game vs the no. 1 rush d in the league, Trent had steadily improved his YPC each game as he learns which pattern our line likes to block down in and where the holes will be. I'm not saying Trent will all the sudden become Barry Sanders but lets be honest, we've never been the best run blocking line. Bradshaw excelled behind this line because he has that qu
  7. 3993 yds, 30 tds (4 rushing) 10 ints 64 comp pct.
  8. 5 sacks, 40 tackles sounds about right, maybe a ff somewhere in there..
  9. I'm not happy about this pick, I felt there was better on the board especially with Rhodes being there. I actually like his counterpart Tank Carradine better than him. But i'm willing to give him a chance. So until then i'll reserve judgement. Although that some people are saing he cannot stand up and lacks explosiveness concerns me. I think this is Robert Mathis' replacement.
  10. If he can stop the run he will be worth every penny for me, until then i'll reserve judgement.
  11. Barrett Jones is a beasttttttttttttt I absolutely love his work ethic
  12. I would love to draft Rhodes, he is huge and his wing span is ridiculous, but I don't think he will make it to us. I wouldn't mind taking Banks but I think there will be a better player on the board at 24 than him. I suspect Grigson is going for BPA this year. My dream scenario is if Rhodes is gone then we trade down, grab Banks and Barrett Jones then Baccari Rambo later.
  13. I think they waived him k nowing he would make it back to the Ir.
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