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  1. I am here! I just saw your thread and yelled, "LucasOilStadium is back...woo-hoo!" *happy dance*

  2. Welcome! Another name a I recognize. :)

  3. Hey there...nice to see you here.

  4. mod deleted comment from shaunzo due to rule violation

  5. Nice to see you here, Joker!

  6. Jaric!!!! *happy dance*

  7. I am most curious about WR (after Reggie), RBs and DBs. I also have hopes (and concerns) about the young o-line. I cannot wait to see how it all shakes out.

  8. Glad to see you here :).

  9. Welcome back...good to see your name here.

  10. Nordstrom! Welcome back! :)

  11. Welcome to the forum!

  12. You know, I haven't played any of the FF series yet. I am anxiously waiting on White Knight Chronicles 2 and I would give just about anything if they would re-release the Xenosaga series on PS3. *sigh*

  13. Good to see you here!!! Welcome back. :)

  14. Believe it or not, I am SOOO happy to see you! NOW, this is beginning to feel like home. ♥ PG

  15. The 'friending' thing has been sporadic about working. So hopefully it worked this time around. :)

  16. Hi Rich! Yes, I am a huge anime fan. :) Just about anything Japanese. Would love to discuss anime anytime!

  17. deleted website spam

  18. haha...legend? :) I like that. hee hee
  19. Hi there, it should show up immediately. No approval needed. There are two places to set/upload a pic (profile and avatar). One shows up on the forum and the other shows up in places like here. I see an avatar for you, but not a profile pic. Maybe you need to set that one as well. You can use the same photo. :)

  20. Sent you a message about your avatar. :)

  21. No problem at all! :) I will check out his profile.

  22. No problem. Just happy to see your smiling face and am happy to see you here whenever you have a chance. :)

  23. If it is the same photo you use on CD, I would be happy to resize it for you. *hug* I don't want to miss your posts.

  24. Welcome back to your non-Patriot home. haha

  25. Welcome "Joan"! ;)

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