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  1. haha...legend? :) I like that. hee hee
  2. After Peyton's words to Phil B. 'Tell the fans I appreciated them too.' (or words to that effect), I realized that there are no words to THANK Peyton and there are no ends to my appreciation for him and what he means to this game. I am a fan of the game, I am a fan of Peyton. I am a fan of the greatest player to ever play this game (on and better yet - OFF the field). I always will be. Nothing will change that. No team logo, no team colors, nothing. PeytonGirl forever

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    2. southwest1


      God, broke the mold when he made Peyton...humble, hardworking, incredibly kind to those less fortunate than himself, & a master at the line of scrimmage; there is only 1 Yoda IMO.

    3. mom terp

      mom terp

      i agree with you.

    4. MIColtsFan
  3. Baka, Geek Boy...Daisuki yo. ;)

  4. Believe it or not, I am SOOO happy to see you! NOW, this is beginning to feel like home. ♥ PG

  5. Congrats on the SB win....another for the Mannings!!! woot woot

  6. Congrats to the team for the win & to the Orlovsky's on the triplets!

  7. dazed....confused

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    2. Coltssouth
    3. MAC


      Excellent choices, no problem:

      Dazed and Confused:


      Any other requests?

      I have one.......

      Please don't go!

    4. MIColtsFan


      head spinning!

  8. deleted website spam

  9. From a Colt to a Bronco, our favorite son is all grown up now.

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    2. Peytongirl


      I am not sure if my heart is quite ready for exact Broncos colors yet, so I went back to my VOLS orange mixed with my Colts blue. Nostalgia to take the edge off and ease me into the future. :)

    3. Gramz


      ^^^ "like"

    4. MIColtsFan


      very clever!

  10. Glad to see you here :).

  11. Good to see you here!!! Welcome back. :)

  12. Good win today...couldn't have been against better opponent, IMHO. XD

  13. Happy Anniversary to Peyton & Ashley!

    1. Gramz


      Nice... Happy Anniversary <3

    2. southwest1


      #18 & his lovely wife celebrate their marriage vows today. Really? Sweet!!!!

    3. presto123


      Happy Anniversary baby.........got you on my miiiiiiiihiiiiiind! Congrats to Peyton and Ashley.

  14. Happy for your clearance Peyton, now hit the field. ;) YAY!!!!

    1. mom terp

      mom terp

      sounds great.nice to hear he is back on the field.very happy for him.have a great day.just miss you lots , peyton girl.

  15. Happy to see you here. :)

  16. Hating the cold weather...brrrrr.

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    2. Coltssouth


      They're hoping to not have to turn the heat on where I work until Jan. to save heating costs. Telling us to dress warmly. Yeek!

    3. Peytongirl


      In the 20s last night and in the 60s today...that is the darned South for ya!

    4. MAC


      50's in NJ, cold at night. No heat yet. Been wearing a hoodie 24/7. Look like a monk, or a Belichick.

  17. Hey hey..I think we are all here now. :)

  18. Hey Hon! Welcome!

  19. Hey there...nice to see you here.

  20. Hey, good to see you!!!! :)

  21. Hi Rich! Yes, I am a huge anime fan. :) Just about anything Japanese. Would love to discuss anime anytime!

  22. Hi there, it should show up immediately. No approval needed. There are two places to set/upload a pic (profile and avatar). One shows up on the forum and the other shows up in places like here. I see an avatar for you, but not a profile pic. Maybe you need to set that one as well. You can use the same photo. :)

  23. Hope you had a great day last week. Your b-day is the same as my mom's and my parents' anniversary - 54 years!

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