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  1. I find that a little surprising, but I will say I do remember Vick dropping a few. However, not only are we comparing a first year player vs a 3 year vet, but I also feel like Vick had a greater sense at "finding space." his instincts are more indicative of a receiver than Brown..
  2. Donald Brown has the worst hands on the team... Oline included.. He had countless drops this year that always seemed to come at the worst time (two of which on 4th down)... Worst part... most of his drops were "easy" catches (luck put it on his numbers and no defenders around) I think Brown is an asset to our team and is capable of playing a role but to call ballard/brown receiving skills a wash is nonsense
  3. its not that people dont like donald brown... its that they dont like that he was a 1st rnd pick
  4. something donald brown is certainly not
  5. cutting Mathis after a year or two??? thats ridiculous.. he is our best def player Bjoern's biggest "weakness" is his pass rush (he doesnt really have any weaknesses; 13 sacks in '12) He excels against the run, meaning he is NOT mathis' replacement... he is his complement
  6. FB making Ballard expendable??? lost all credibility right there
  7. wait?!? is d-line our.... strength??!?!?? cant believe im saying this
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