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  1. For anyone interested, I started a Facebook group/page a couple of days ago soley devoted for this purpose. Facebook Search: Indianapolis Colts Community AZ > East Valley Chapter Looking forward to having you join!
  2. If only the Colts had kept him on the roster despite his substance usage issues.
  3. I would have preferred my current favorite group ... OneRepublic
  4. I did not say it was an excuse. I was simply explaining why he did it for those who were not in the know.
  5. Never would have thought that the Carolina Panthers would be the last team to go undefeated..thus far.
  6. Not that I condone his actions for this, but he did that in retaliation of Sergio talking smack up to that point.
  7. And yet despite handing out the "pat on the back" stickers they still aren't winning games. I guess it's the alternative to game balls.
  8. "There's no place like home! THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME! There's no place like home! THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!"
  9. [quote name="ColtRider" post="1236901" .... Do you think the O-Line has that mentality of "stepping-up" to the degree of consciencely & constantly doing whatever it takes to protect Matt in the pocket/on the run, etc. (even at the cost of penalty)? I posed this thread to get a read on these very things.
  10. When it comes down to a clutch kicker A.V is hands down at the top of that category.
  11. Peyton majored in Communications and Business. So it may not be too much of a stretch. Put his degree to use.
  12. If I went to MY job and a co-worker jabbed his fingers in my eyes because his emotions got the best of him I shouldn't do anything legal wise because he's going to be reprimanded by Management anyway? Just because it's a contact Sport should not be a legitimate reason for the State to not press charges, especially when they'd have their evidence on tape just by watching the game.
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