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  1. If He's Available When We Make our 3rd Round Selection , We Should Snag Him Up. Great Player, Who Had A lot of issues in the past , but with Chuck being a former Secondary Coach, I Think He Can Turn Tyrann into a Pro - Bowler. Then in The 4th Round We Can Draft A Offensive Lineman. Thoughts on This , or Who We Should We Pick in The 3rd ? (He May Get Snagged Before, But You Never Know With The Draft)
  2. Round 1 : Justin Hunter WR 6-4 Tennessee -With Irsay not being able land a WR via free agency, he'll do so in the draft. Round 3: Brandon Jenkins OLB 6-2 Florida State - Me personally I don't believe that Erik Walden will play to his salary and i think there's still a need a OLB Round 4: Garrett Gilkey Guard 6-5 Chadron State -Guard is still a pressing need on our o-line. Round 6: Brandon McGee Corner Back 5-11 Miami -We need some depth at corner back and anyone we draft is an upgrade over Cassius Vaughn Round 7: Prentiss Waggner Safety 6-2 Tennessee -Depth Purposes Round 7: C
  3. DS3

    Kevin Walter

    I really hope he isn't talking about KEVIN WALTER, but You never KNOW with Jim...
  4. Jim Irsay's Latest Tweet, " I'm looking for Walter,he has The Ringer...the whites...the undies...lotta ins and outs to this thing...THIS IS A LEAGUE GAME,SMOKEY!!!!" It Looks like all the suspense is over. The big signing at receiver seems to be Kevin Walter. Here's the tweet a couple hours before that... "Colt Fans,hint------ it's a Wide Receiver!!" Here's another tweet before that tweet^ "ColtFans,we already past the cap cash wise/ we're workin on a deal,1 we've been workin on for 5 days/ we're very,very close 2 making it work" This Tweet right here is the icing on the cake for me,
  5. DS3

    Rate em!

    1, Vontae Davis Is An Absolute Beast. Best Corner We've Had Since, Nobody. Plays Physical, And Great In Coverage. 2. T.Y Hilton, Is A Playmaker ! He Can Get Deep Return Kicks, And Nobody Expected This Season ! 3. Vick Ballard, He Runs The Ball Well For Us Not Afraid To Go In Between The Tackles And Runs Better As The Game Goes On. 4. Jerell Freeman, 145 Tackles 5th in the league. You Wouldn't Even Know He Came From Canada ! 5.Dwayne Allen, Played Great All Year Just OUTSHINED Coby Fleener !
  6. Yeah i Agree We Need A #2 CB Next Season
  7. http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2012-12-31/sports/bal-tony-dungy-disagrees-with-john-harbaughs-decision-to-pull-starters-20121231_1_indianapolis-colts-coach-john-harbaugh-tony-dungy Tony Dungy Talks About it here
  8. LOL, We Have A Texans Fan Here ?
  9. Yeah If The Ravens Won, And Patriots Loss The Ravens Could Have Gotten The #3 Seed
  10. They Took This Week As A Bye Week Just To Play The Colts IMO,
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