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  1. There is more depth at safety and corner in this draft. Same with offensive guard to be honest. If we can trade back and pick up an extra #1 next year, I am all for it.
  2. I have heard that Hurst may fall to the 3rd round. He would represent nice value in the 3rd.
  3. Not bad. I could see Fitzpatrick playing corner for us. I like Wynn at guard. Hopefully we can also get their 2019 2nd round pick in this trade.
  4. I just do not see Chubb being available at #6. I would love for us to draft him, but I do not see it. If a QB happens to be available, I would love to trade back and get an extra #1 next year, perhaps Arizona would be interested in moving up in such a scenario. Otherwise, I would be very happy with Quenton Nelson.
  5. First, that too steep of a price to move up to pick #32. You might take a look at the trade value chart to get a better feel for the price to move up. I do love the Rasheem Green pick. He seems to be flying under the radar in this draft but offers high upside at DE
  6. I am disappointed that we did not get the Jets' first round pick in 2019. I would have been happy with #6 and #37 this year and their first in 2019.
  7. I am more than happy to trade back with a team willing to give up their 2019 1st (among other picks) and then have Josh Allen lead them in 2018. More than likely that 2019 1st will be a top ten pick.
  8. It would seem like the Jets' 2019 pick has potential to be the highest pick, particularly if they are trading up for Josh Allen. But...if the Browns go with Chubb at #1 to pair with Garrett and the Giants go with Barkley, then the Colts could trade back with the Broncos for a package including their 1st in 2019 THEN the Colts could also trade back with the Jets, possibly only for their 2019 1st and in this scenario the Jets would get one of the top 3 QBs in the draft. The Colts could still get Quenton Nelson in this scenario.
  9. Interesting Day 3 picks. I keep hearing that Malik Jefferson is overrated. He tested well at the combine, but his game tape is apparently poor. I have not watched many Texas games. A guy I am starting to like potentially with our 2nd rounder is corner Mike Hughes from Central Florida.
  10. We would absolutely have a trade partner. Basically, a team would have their pick of the QB litter at #3. We could probably trade back with the Broncos in a package involving their 2019 1st and then trade back again and obtain another 2019 1st. I like Bradley Chubb a lot. However, there may be too much value in trading back.
  11. I would consider swapping 6th round picks, but I would not give up a draft pick to take on a big contract. He has missed some time with injuries over the last couple of years.
  12. It is definitely a possibility. Although, if a team values Connor Williams as an OT, he may go higher than McGlinchey. Also, there is a lot of defensive talent that could get taken from roughly picks #10 - #20 that could lead to McGlinchey getting bumped. I would not be surprised if he went higher, but would also not be surprised to see him fall into the early 20's.
  13. With all this chatter about Saquon Barkley, what if the Giants actually take Bradley Chubb at #2? The Giants defense needs help just as much as their offense. If the Giants sign Andrew Norwell, as has been projected, adding the best pass rusher in the draft gives the team a defensive jolt and an opportunity for one last push with Eli. If such is the case, and the Jets do not sign Cousins, the Jets are my ideal trade back partner. It would seem in this scenario they could get Josh Rosen or possibly Sam Darnold depending on what Browns do with the first pick. The price? The #6 pick,
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