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  1. C'mon man, you know this team was built with Luck in mind as the starter. Nobody is cutting the guy any slack it seems. He can't win honestly it seems.
  2. At least this QB manages to stay on the field.
  3. 2 #1's and a couple #2's. Anything less is an insult..
  4. That's way premature man. People can talk about whatever they wish, but I'm not thinking about who's after JB in September. The draft is literally 8 months away. That's like talking about what your first meal of the spring will be.
  5. Lots of pointless comments in every thread unfortunately even after we win. Nobody wants JB as QB instead of Luck. It's just getting really old and we're in week 2.... He sucks, he won't win one, he's garbage... Easiest thing to do would be to not watch instead of torturing ones self. Not directed at you, but the complaining already, it's getting old quick. #18 or #12 ain't walking through the doors anytime soon. Better get ready for regular team football.
  6. I might make the road trip out to Pittsburgh now that it's a more level battle.. Lol
  7. Goes to show you how quick your season can be flushed down the toilet. Bridgewater ain't winning anything in NO and the kid in Pittsburgh threw for 110 yards. Not exactly setting the world on fire. I admittedly don't know how long he played yesterday.
  8. So nothing happened I'm assuming?
  9. I think people forget (not you per se) we'd DEFINITELY prefer #12 out there, but we're in a tough spot for this year at a minimum. I'm tired of those posts claiming he's garbage and won't win one. Odds are the majority of QB's won't win one, even top 5 drafted ones. A super bowl to me this year honestly would be to win the South. That would be awesome. As long as we have some entertaining football it's a win for us fans. We'll obviously see what kind of team they are in about 4-8 weeks. I'm honestly not to worried about the NE's and KC's of the
  10. In all fairness we were hot dog % at about week 6 last year and turned it up pretty good.
  11. Yeah, you've got to build it by drafting. This team isn't complete. Plugging in a great QB doesn't guarantee crap.
  12. It was better than punting and losing at the end.. Lol
  13. Luck couldn't lead us to one so what's really the point with these type threads? It's not that easy and there's no correct formula. You just hope you have a competent GM that can hopefully get you to January. Teams like Balt and Pitt (off the top of my head I can think of) is who you ideally want to be like. Teams that draft good talent and replace them when needed. If any fanbase should want to go away from the QB as top dog it's us, 20 years and one SB. The stud QB as the savior is nonsense.
  14. Sadly it's most positions. DE's and WR's also seem to fall off cliffs when they don't have it anymore.
  15. I had nightmares of Lamar Smith for a week and his shank.
  16. IinD


    He's definitely the new age NFL QB. He looks like he'll win one at some point if he doesn't get injured. Looks too easy for him at times.
  17. Regardless of Jacoby being a SB QB or not, I'd definitely take him over a ton of starters/backups in this league. So it can definitely be worse. People act like we've won 10 SB's and this is a huge drop-off.
  18. You'd think we were blown out the first 2 games of the season with some of the reactions. Him and Frank seem to be making it work and they'll improve by the looks of it. Stop making it sounds like he's a total scrub.
  19. We should probably just forfeit the season honestly. Maybe next year as well just to make sure we get that franchise QB who will surely get us that Super Bowl trophy like the last guy we drafted at #1...oh wait...
  20. He looks better then a guy on the level of a Bridgewater type QB. He literally just started his 17th game today and 15 of those were with Pagano and Chudnothingski... He's heading in the right direction.
  21. A toast to the Baltimore playoff game all those years ago.
  22. We'll have to find a new whipping boy for 2019 now.
  23. If he does retire, at least he didn't kill our season wondering if he's still got it.
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