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  1. 6 minutes ago, Defjamz26 said:

    At this point for me it’s Eason, draft, or trade for Darnold. And I’m leaning towards Eason because there’s too many holes to plug for us to be wasting draft capital on other teams QBs. We need a LT, CB, and Edge rusher bad, but could also stand to add another WR and TE. I’m not trading a 1st for Stafford who has the same exact skill set as Phillip but is just younger and slightly more mobile, but I’ll bet anyone money that he won’t be available anyways unless someone makes a crazy offer. 

    I will say I’m all for trading up for Lance/Wilson though.

    That's my main fear. I'll be annoyed if they give up a good haul for a Stafford or Matt Ryan type. Getting robbed because the other teams know you're desperate for a QB.

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  2. Just now, Nickster said:

    His arm talent was as good as it gets.

    Yeah man, thought he was gonna be great, not sure if you've seen it, but I'm sure it's out there somewhere...


    He was on some football show/segment somewhere, years after retiring and the guy asked if he's still got an arm... Long story short he launched a rocket through a tire on a tree about 20 yards away ice cold, no warm up, nothing. I think he wound his arm once to warm up..jeez.

  3. 1 hour ago, jvan1973 said:

    Don Majkowski

    Lol... The MAGIC man...


    So funny to see 11-5 as unacceptable with some folks.. Those were my teen years at QB. 


    Other than the great Jeff George, not much there :thmup:..(I remember telling my friends, watch how great George is gonna be. Lol)

    1 hour ago, jvan1973 said:

    Don Majkowski

    Lol... The MAGIC man...


    So funny to see 11-5 as unacceptable with some folks.. Those were my teen years at QB. 


    Other than the great Jeff George, not much there :thmup:..(I remember telling my friends, watch how great George is gonna be. Lol)

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  4. 6 minutes ago, TimetobringDfence! said:

    I feel same way as you, do we just let Eason run a season and save cap space. Draft guys for depth (QB if we get the Staffs choice to land right) , sign a few CBs, a good T/G and maybe a TE. If we go 500 take a QB next draft. This would let us build a stronger more complete team and have the cap ready for when the franchise QB choice is made.

    Yup, agreed.


    No reason to force a signing if it isn't a good one. Why jump in the draft and pay if the kid (whoever it is) has a potentially high bust rate. You'll be looking for a qb again anyway.


    Load up on talent because we've obviously got holes and see what happens at QB, but I just don't want them to panic and make a stupid decision.

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  5. I'd also love Watson, but I'm not giving up the farm for a mobile QB who's torn 2 acl's.


    I think whatever happens all depends on if Ballard is safe with Irsay. Does Jim want to win now or is he ok with some losing seasons and allows Ballard to continue adding talent until a QB is there and we just roll with whoever until that time?


    If the big names aren't available I'd just throw Eason out there and see what happens.

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  6. 57 minutes ago, luv_pony_express said:

    As has been said many times, it’s hard to find a franchise QB.  Many teams spends many years — decades, even — on the hunt.  And not that many guys pan out to that level.


    In that department, we’re probably the 3rd most fortunate franchise in the league over recent history.  The Pats are obviously first with everything Brady accomplished...and Bledsoe was no slouch.  The Packers are behind them — they’ve basically had 2 starting QBs since 1992.  And both of them are HoF caliber.


    Steelers and Saints are in that discussion too.

    Totally agree. I was just talking in terms of message board chatter. This place will be a not so fun read for the next few months.


    I grew up on Jeff George types so I get losing.


    There's going to be a ton of 'go get your guy'... Whoever that guy is?? I'm preparing myself for a lean year or two and hope to be surprised come September.

  7. 7 minutes ago, richard pallo said:

    He's human.  He can see himself out there and falling apart.  Don't kid yourself.  It's not the game that will effect him. It's the possibility of performing like Brees did tonight.  A year down the road.  Does he want to risk going out like that?  I would be taking a hard look in the mirror.   

    The part that's scary is what a statue Rivers truly is in the pocket. Can he even get slower or would that qualify as going backwards in time?? ...


    I think he's our best option but I could definitely see him fall off a cliff if he plays one year to long. 


    And all the foot surgery talk from earlier this season??? Ugh...

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  8. 3 minutes ago, SR711 said:

    Its over.  Brees really looks limited in what he can do in terms of pushing the ball down the field.  I think he knows it too.  


    Its remains remarkable to me that Brady who is older still can make all the throws.  Is his training regimen that much different than his contemporaries that he is able to defy father time so much better?  

    Guy was honestly blessed with an iron shoulder. You see guys like Rivers, Peyton towards the end who clearly can't push it down the field anymore, but Brady still has almost no problem. Healthy lifestyle aside. Genetics were kind to him.

    2 minutes ago, Chrisaaron1023 said:

    comedy central animation GIF

    Yeah and the selling the soul thing as well.. Lol

  9. 27 minutes ago, lennymoore24 said:

    I think one mistake often made is assuming picking a QB in the first round immediately gives us a franchise QB and we are set.  I would say look over the last ten years of QBs drafted in the first round and you will see at least half of them are busts or underachieving.  I still remember last year hearing so many people on here screaming for Jordan Love.  Last I heard, he was the scout team QB on the Packers and terrible inaccurate.  I am not suggesting we won't try to pick a QB in the first, but I think we have about as much chance of that QB working out as Jacob Eason.  I like Wilson and Trask.  Certainly, Lawrence would be preferred but no way to get him.

    That's kind of why I'm always miffed reading about getting that franchise QB in the first round every year. If it was that easy every team would have one. That franchise QB has to actually be in the draft, he doesn't become one just because he's drafted high.

    I'd love someone to bet their job/livelihood on a QB pick because that's what an entire regime has to do.


    And just a side note, on what planet would a divisional rival give you their franchise qb for 2/3/4 1st rd picks in the 20's? Makes no logical sense. That argument is fantasy talk.



  10. Just now, DontEverGiveUp said:

    I did.  I'd bet all the players and coaches did too.


    Your jaded opinion doesn't really mean anything.  Rivers did his job today.

    Agreed. This 'you have to be perfect all the time' stuff is too much. Nobody here is perfect at their jobs ALL THE TIME.


    Plenty of small mistakes were our downfall today.

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  11. Definitely had a good season for us, but it's tough because he's going to be a little older, a little slower (scary to think) and he does limit any threat of running.


    If he was 5 years younger we'd be in great shape. Because warts aside, he's a capable nfl starter.

  12. 1 minute ago, AustinnKaine said:

    I prefer Stafford over Ryan. 

    I can dig it honestly.

    I just think we're to good (not rebuilding) where you've gotta get another Rivers type for a couple years. No way on that lets draft someone in the first and throw them in.


    We're in it to win it now regardless of how good or bad anyone thinks we are. 

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