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  1. Makes the season that much more fun for me. Love when it's down to the wire for a shot to dance on January. Would obviously prefer 15-2, but real fans will understand what I mean.
  2. This definitely gets filed under 'meh'. We were a QB starved team when we drafted him so he was hopefully going to be our golden child.
  3. I thought he was missing in real life for a second.. Glad to know he's at least alive ..
  4. I actually lol'd at this one. Good one...
  5. maybe we'll win?? Lol We're a tough team to predict right now.
  6. Really no sugar coating a turd sadly.
  7. People get way to hung up on draft picks. The league is littered with first round picks who are journeymen or flat out out of the league. Same as people watching how much we spend on players. It's not my money so I don't care, screw the cap. A good GM figures this stuff out, if not bye bye.
  8. Haha. I did just that. Lucky/blessed/grateful to be able to do Hawaii this year. Had a great moment though, guy fully dressed in Colts gear walks up to me as I'm also in a colts t-shirt watching the game on the phone and says '# yeah, colts fan bro'' as JT takes it to the house. Pretty funny we both reacted like kids freaking out watching it.. Haha
  9. So far it just looks like one of those seasons where we'll find a way to lose. Totally OT, but got off an airplane for vacation and put the phone on and see JT take it to the house.. Kind of ruined day one of vacation... booo
  10. Dirt. You rub some dirt on it.
  11. 24-21.... They might getting us thinking they're good...
  12. Let's not # around and let them back in this please...
  13. Yeah I mean I'll take it, but I'm not really sure it's showing us much in terms of who we are or how good we are.
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