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  1. It was fun seeing you kick and laying people down lol
  2. I honestly think Griggs needs to draft with strategy as he did this last draft to really solidify the line. One pick wasn't going to make our line that much better. Just my opinion
  3. 35-14 COLTS just cause Andrew said were going to score a lot of points this year
  4. The real reason he boomed that punt was because of that block earlier in the game. DONT BLOCK BOOM!!!
  5. I was dying when I heard Ty's man people can be so weird sometimes lol
  6. Have they ever got the super bowl winner right for any season?
  7. Does anyone else have a problem watching videos? Im trying to watch the top 5 colts of all time and it keeps playing the colts and Titans draft grade video. I click on another video and it's the same colts and Titans draft grade one. Any advice? Thanks.
  8. To me it has to be Ryan kelly (C). I just see him as a real cornerstone to fixing our o line problems for years to come.
  9. See you there bap lol I'll be decked out in Colts gear so hopefully I make to the stadium.
  10. What's pats snapchat anyone? Thank you.
  11. I become a colts fan because of Peyton manning since I'm a California native. I remember being 9 years old and seeing him on Nickelodeon teaching us viewers how he throws a football. Then in 2006 I was the only one rooting for the colts in a house full of bear fans and they WON! So from then on I became a fan and enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you 18!!! Now it's time to frame your jersey
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