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    Looking for fun couples for me and the wife to tailgate with at home games this year. We finally got season tickets!!! We are also easy on the eyes I guess.lol
  1. No way we are discussing this game without any mention of the TY....!!!
  2. TY wow... I do not want him ever taken out of the game....
  3. There is no excuse why TY is not the number 2 now. He needs 80 balls and another 20 touches throughout the year along with Punt Returns. Unstoppable!
  4. Very familiar with Pep as well as what has been going on at training camp being that I have attended 5 days or so. I have seen multiple tight end sets but a lot of three and four wide sets as well.
  5. Obviously another tight end will make the squad if he is lost, but again you want playmakers on the field not bodies. We will run more multiple receiver sets to get our playmakers on the field.
  6. I understand Griff plays a different position, but teams play their best players and playmakers. Allen is a playmaker, the other tight ends have not shown that they are. The coaches feel confident that Griff can make plays. With that being the case, you utilize the formations and sets that allow you to make plays.
  7. I would hate to lose him for the season but..... 1. I think it would pretty much guarantee Griff not only makes the team but plays a significant role. If Griff gets a lot of time in the first 4 games, Brazil will become solely a special teams player. Griff will not give up his spot. 2. I think we will run more 3 receiver sets than planned, which means more TY...... By the way there is no stopping this guy. 3. Fleener goes nuts not splitting catches with Allen..... Justice will play himself into trade bait for Grigson next year. The guy has good hands and speed.
  8. Guys....Seriously after he fumbled the ball he began covering the ball with 2 hands as you should....BUT that is running through the hole. He was in the open field running with two hands trying to make juke moves with the the ball (it was bad). However Ballad and Brown looked good!
  9. WOW... I haven't posted in awhile, but I had to after watching practice today. Here are my notes.... 1. Our secondary will be special. Davis challenged Reggie every drill as he is working to be great. Toler is long and athletic and is right there on every pass. Butler is a beast in the nickel. Vaughn must have worked with Champ Bailey all summer because he is a different man. He looked great in one on one coverage. 2. DHB is a big and fast. He won some battles with our db's strictly because of his strength and size. 3. Whalen is a baller. He is Austin Collie without the injuries hopefull
  10. I understand the media not expecting us...but us fans here have watched us grow each week.. We should know better!!
  11. Why is so impossible to believe we can beat New England or the Texans?..... I do not understand the rationale in some of these post. We beat a superbowl contender in the Packers. We beat a Miami team who was undefeated in October, we beat Tennesse on the road after they knocked off the Steelers. Keep in mind all of these WINS have been without all of our of weapons. This team is growing every week and we can BEAT anyone when we are sharp. Our team is confident and will only continue to shock the world. So stop doubting our squad. Many of you didn't expect the success we are experiencing now, s
  12. Good observation. More importantily our alignment was different with only Zib back deep when typically we have had two back.
  13. Brazil has made several big plays as well..
  14. No way we lose at home with the crowd rocking..... 12th man A. Mathis will have the rookie QB on the ropes all day B. Defense is becoming very solid C. Luck will have another game under his belt and at home versus an OK secondary to say the least. D. Our COLTS are CHUCKSTRONG. E. Besides we do not lose when i tailgate before games.....
  15. Powers has been solid all season. By far this is was his worse game. However its only ONE game.. He will recover!!
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