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  1. He ran a lot further then it looked
  2. Is there a difference between being able to practice with no contact and playing in the game? Maybe he has not cleared yet?
  3. He has a small brain so he could be ok to go
  4. there are only a few teams making the playoffs that we can beat. Pittsburgh is not one of them.They will kill us again. We do have a chance against the ravens, cincy, houston and san diego.
  5. LoL did you actually watch any of the games?
  6. Yes. That play cost us 35 points and we would have won the game.
  7. We are going to the super bowl. Just not saying which year.
  8. 42-17 dallas we have nothing to play for we won't get seeds 1 or 2
  9. I don't want to play the Pittsburgh again. They were unstoppable last time. It could be really ugly.
  10. and what we are is a team that wins over ten games in the regular season and very few playoff games. sad but true
  11. I am getting my suntan lotion ready for the Miami game.
  12. An article about recipes would have been more rewarding.
  13. Looks like a lot of pass interference calls against the Texans.
  14. Sounds like a frog. We let him go for that reason.
  15. Amazing!! You may replace expensive MRI equipment!!
  16. It all comes down to simple physics.
  17. Some or the players will be going to the super bowl. They will get tickets from their friends on the sb teams. The rest of the Colts will be at home watching the game like we will do wishing they were there. If you think we are going to beat NE in NE in the winter you better have a checkup soon.
  18. Oh well looks like our house collapsed last night as I said it would
  19. i don't see why the colts even bother to run the ball our of the end zone now with Whalen. He very seldom makes it past the 20 so why risk a fumble or a blocking in the back call!!!!
  20. I hate so say it, but I don't see us winning this game. I think we will lose by 2TDs or more. 1. Bill B had a bye week to plan 2. We won't stop Gronkowski 3. We don't have Mathis to pressure Brady sorry.
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