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  1. Saying Flacco is an elite QB is like saying Moonshiners is the #1 show on tv.
  2. Moss just stated during media day that he believes he is the greatest WR to ever play in the NFL. I personally believe Jerry Rice still holds that title. With only a 2 year difference in their draft classes, who do you think was the better WR when discussing Moss and Harrison? Interested in hearing other's thoughts. Thanks guys!
  3. 1. Not banking on it. Freeney gave us many great years of defensive play, but I think it is time to move on. Would LOVE to see him prove me wrong though : ) 2. The second half. Mainly wanted to see Luck in his first of many Pro Bowl appearances.
  4. This moment along with Peyton directing his son to follow him on the sideline will always be etched in my memory bank with this Pro Bowl. Classic!
  5. Seems the only thing attracting attention is his phone. lol
  6. Thanks for sharing! Awesome vid! Can't wait for next season!
  7. Congrats! Can't wait to see him with PMac on Facebook Fridays.
  8. Would love to have Revis, but not at the price tag that comes along with him.
  9. 1. Would love to see Saturday back on the Colts sideline. The man was a beast on the O-line and a true leader on and off the field. 2. BB is just upset because he realized he and his coaches had been reviewing video of hand signals from the 2000 Ravens team.
  10. That's my trash pickup guy. What's he doing on Youtube making videos? Get back to picking up my garbage son!
  11. 1. Brady is busy preparing for his next GQ photo shoot. 2. Recognize the players with a title of some sort and hold a skill competition with donations awarded to the winners selected charity(s).
  12. It would make Luck's transition to the NFL game much easier if he had a veteran TE like Clark to throw to and learn from for a season. All those years catching passes from Manning, I would think Clark and Wayne together could help develop Luck greatly!
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