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  1. If Peyton goes to the Titans I still wish him well. no I do not like it but I did not like it when the colts let him go either. So ye I believe he has the right to land a job where ever he thinks is the best for him. If you do not want him to go somewhere else offer him a contract. When i seen on Colts.com Reggie a colt for life and the big deal made of it. I could not help but think of Peyton saying he wanted to be a colt for life. any way he is no longer a colt so he gets to go wherever he wants.
  2. I have bought 2 jerseys Clark and Manning Actually the Manning jersey was a gift very appreciated gift. But I guess if I make it back to Indy I will not be wearing either one of those two. Oh well chances are slim anyway just wear my blue and white.
  3. what happened to the I am not going to gut the team. I sure herd that said at the combine. What makes you think these free agents are going to want to come to the Colts and they will not be cheap either, that is why they are in the free agent market. I do not know if I can put my blind trust in this group or not. It could be interesting and it could be just sad just going to have to wait and see. I hope it all works out but I think it is going to be a tough road hoe. Good luck to all those that need it.
  4. I agree and I think even Irsay was saying the in the conference. The team is in a total rebuild mode and probably will not be a contender for 3-5 yrs. I hope I am wrong and it is only about 2 yrs but that is going some.
  5. I have learned one thing on this forum over the years never question another's fan. We all feel differently about things. This has just been a tough one. So if someone expresses his or her feelings and it does not match yours let it go. Like i say I got taught that lesson and learned it well. I hope the Colts have a great future I think it is going to be a rough road for a while though. I think in the press conference that is what Jim Irsay was trying to say. He knew it was gong to be tough here and wanted Peyton to have better. Any way that is what I took out of it.
  6. yes I cried also and I am a groan man of 60 . I wish the colts to do well in there endeavor to rebuild. Mr. Irsay gained some respect when he said he thought Peyton would have better chances elsewhere.That had to take a lot to say. I live in Arizona now and maybe the Cards can land a Manning here. God bless both men and hope the both do well.
  7. I think around 40 will be it but who knows, maybe another George Blanda (not sure on the spelling) There has been some players that hung in for a long time some changed to kickers. I think somewhere around 40 will be it for him though.
  8. That was great what a tension release. Thanks alot
  9. II have a hard time with bottles usually have to use a straw real limited on looking up some stop lights really a chore. to the right is fairly good to the left not so good. but when I consider the alternative I am good I have two more in the thoracic lumbar as well they did not do as good and the cervical but like i say everything works sith some adjustment. thanks for the post it is good to hear from others that have trouble with bottles.
  10. Gentlemen I have been fused at c3-c4 c4-c5 c5-c6 the cord was pinched off two places it took just short of a year to find a surgeon that would attempt the operation. Some was my fault and some the ER room at two hospitals messed up. but never mind that I was told going in I would come out better or a quad no half way. They did a great job I walk talk and go to the bathroom naturally. I shoot practical pistol competitions but i did end up with some of the right side does not always work. But then I did not have the rehab staff or the Dr.s That Peyton had either what I am trying to say I see no
  11. Thanks Bayone for the post you have taught me so much this year. It is sure different the spin the Media puts on things to make a story.
  12. I do believe the date will be pushed back and a new deal will be worked out I actually think it is a work in process now. There is a lot more riding on this then just the 28 mil. I think it will get very interesting by the time all the attorneys that will get involved gets done. It will be a lot more then just the two men.
  13. I think he still has about a 50-50 chance of staying in Indy Irsay even said that two parties can agree and change a contract. I do not know who started the Peyton released to play I am sure he signed an agreement with his doctors that they could release information at a certain time probably lon before we knew who would be in the super bowl. If there is any thought to trading the pick at all it is in the colts best interest to keep the thought going that they are going to take a QB with the first pick. If there was a friendship here I do not see this breaking it up. If Peyton must be cut
  14. Well I for one am very glad to hear AV say something positive about Peyton's throwing. As far as some one saying Doctors say you should not hear anything from one of his doctors unless released by Peyton so no news from doctors is ok. Great to hear the positive and thanks for the post.
  15. I am most willing to bet there is more high paid lawyers going over this contract then we can imagine. It is a big deal to the NFL to the Players Association and both Jim Irsay and Peyton and then of cource Tom Condon. wow what a web has been woven. I hope I have not offended anybody here I do appreciate all the time and investigation some have went to figure the cap hits and such, But I have to think of something to keep my simple mind from going off the deep edge.
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