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  1. I'm hoping for us that the new system, an aging Dwight Freeney, and new coaching staff are his new ticket to stardom, but I am a glass is half empty kinda guy and my expectations aren't too high. I mean come on 12 total solo tackles and 1 sack in two years are super weak stats. Plus it seems we are moving away from quick small defensive lineman, w/ a few exceptions. I am really pulling for him, but history and reality have their place in this debate.

  2. Correct! If in fact Mannings neck injury originated when he took that hit against the Redskins in 2006 (a defense coached by Gregg Williams), a result of three missed blocks by the o-line, which was/has never been solid in Indy. This should be the Colts numero uno priority. If a bad o-line can sideline the arguably best player ever, Andrew Luck doesn't stand a chance to build his legacy if he has a terrible o-line.

  3. I think we will win games, but not enough games for the playoffs.

    Finally a realist! I always say expect the worst when a team is rebuilding. (I know, this is a no no word with the coaching staff) This way you aren't dissapointed when they do get a few wins, which is realistic. Any win looks good when your expectations aren't set too high. In the words of Jim Mora: Playoffs?

  4. The next Kurt Warner....Fleener is a distant memory now. lol

    I wouldnt neccesarily say fleener is a distant memory, but chances of him falling to the colts with out them trading up to get him are maybe a 40/60 chance. but from watching alot of the draft specials this week there doesnt seem to be to many teams looking to go offense in the first round. and they were talking about the rams going after a OL with their first pick in the second round. maybe the colts will trade with the rams if hes still available at the start of the second round. but who knows crazier things have happened like RG3 saying he ruined his own chances in being the first over all pick by turning down a private work out with the colts lol.

    I think dgambill was joking, just a guess!

  5. I wouldn't mind bringing Clark back on a 1 year, low salary deal. Just to give Luck more weapons so he isn't as overwhelmed. I was expecting to see the Broncos sign him, but they went after Tamme and Dreesen instead.

    That is to say if he can still play. Rumor has it he is done for good.

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